Finishing Sander 150W
Item No.: 44098032A

Finishing Sander 150W

Flexible and compact finishing sander suitable for a clean sanding image of large and flat surfaces. Inclusive a dust extraction adapter to keep the work area as clean as possible.
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Flexible and compact finishing sander suitable of large and flat surfaces.
Appropriate sanding paper has to be used for different materials and
activities. Sanding performance is determined largely by the grit of the sanding paper and the pressure applied while sanding.
The sanding plate is equipped with a velcro system. This makes it quick and easy to fit new sanding paper without clamping. Alternatively, the sanding paper can be secured with the additional clamp in the clamping fixture.
Each sanding disc set can be purchased under Art. No. 628995 (20 pc.) or Art. No. 628996 (30 pc.).

For the most effective removal of dust from the sanding surface, connect the sander
to a dust extraction unit or a vacuum cleaner using the adapter supplied. The dust
extractor has to be suitable for the extraction of the material being sanded.

The sander is designed for use with single-phase AC 230V ~ / 50 Hz and has
protective insulation.

After heavy wear or contamination, the sanding plate can be removed for cleaning
and replaced.

Equal to the product under Art. No. 98032A.
  • equipped with velcro system and additional clip lock for changing the sanding paper easily
  • including dust extraction adapter
  • including sanding disc set (grit size 80)
0.01 m³
model No.:
rated voltage:
230 V~/ 50 Hz
rated power:
150 W
protection class:
no load speed:
12000 min-1
dimensions of the sanding plate:
90 x 187 mm
sound pressure level:
LpA 72 dB(A)
sound power level:
LwA 83 dB(A)
vibration value handle:
ah 4.45 m/s²
  • 1x finishing sander
  • 1x dust extraction adapter
  • 1x sand paper (grit size 80)
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x warranty certificate