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MIG Welder

The FERREX MIG Welder 105/F is ideal for flux cored welding and comes with an 10- pc. accessory-set.
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Welding with flux cored wires enables fine and consistent weld joints and seams within a short time. Since the gas is already in a powdered form contained in the wire, no external gas cylinder is needed anymore and it can be worked more independantly. Due to the compact dimensions and the absence of a gas cylinder, it is very versatile and easy to transport, so it can be worked outside the normal workshop easily.
Further: flux cored welding is easier for outdoor work. While the gas is directed straight into the arc, it is much less sensitive to wind and other influences.
A big advantage: The delivery also includes a suitable welding station equipment which includes a chipping hammer with wire brush, a welding reel as well as a welding shield that protects the eyes from the arc emitted UV-rays and heat.
  • cost savings (no external gases and no pressure reducer necessary)
  • fine and durable welds due to the additional powder filling
  • hardly syringe effects
  • reduced welding time due to the high melting rate
  • clean and durable result with crack and pore safety
  • insensitivity to binding errors
  • higher mobility and flexibility, since no gas cylinder necessary
  • powdered inert gas in the welding wire generates constant, wind / oxygen insensitive arc
  • inert gas welding without gas cylinder, portable
  • powdered inert gas in the welding wire
  • including welding equipment
mains voltage:
230 V
16 A
min/max Amps:
45/90 A
open circuit volt:
31 V
working voltage:
16,25 - 18,5 V
protection category:
IP 21 S
isolation category:
cooling mode:
approx. 14 kg
welding wire diameter:
06-09 mm
  • 1x MIG welder
  • 1x 10-pc. accessory set
  • 1x user manual
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