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A cherished watch, heirloom, cash or jewellery – when stored in a WALTER safe, you know your valuables are protected and secure.  WALTER has the perfect residential safe for your home!

DIYers love taking on home and garden projects – tightening screws, drilling holes, sawing wood, welding metals. Do these jobs quickly and effectively with high-quality WALTER electric tools!

The WALTER Online product range offers a large selection of accessories. Whether for cordless screwdrivers, dip saws or high pressure washers, WALTER offers the right accessories for every tool.


Item No.: K620605
The energy-saving WALTER jet pump is not only perfect for irrigating gardens in the outdoor area, but also for domestic water supply indoors.
was € 99.99
€ 89.99
Item No.: 613000
The WALTER screwdriver and bit set contains 100 different screwdrivers and bits.
€ 24.90

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Item No.: 611299A

This  WALTER tool cannot only be used as a jump start for cars with a gasoline engine with a displacement of up to 2,5 dm3, but has also a build-in compressor, an emergency/work light, an USB socket and two 12 V outlets.

€ 24.90
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For almost a century, WALTER Werkzeuge has specialized in the production and distribution of high-quality tools. Our goal: delivering uncompromising quality at the best possible price. A number of customers from various professions have trusted the company’s tools for years. Because there is one principle we prioritize – and that’s being close to the customer! As a reliable partner with integrity.