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To make sure you can enjoy your time in your outdoor space to its fullest, you need to take good care of it! Gardening is even twice as fun when you have the right tools! 

Gas-powered radiators or gas-powered heat cannons? We show you the benefits of each category so you can find your best choice. 

Weathered wood, old paint, stubborn glue or other residue – make surfaces smooth, even and clean again with WALTER sanders and grinders.


Item No.: 612356
WALTER Battery charger with starter aid for vehicles with 6 V or 12 V power supply and fast charging through charging current boost.
was € 79.90
€ 59.90
Item No.: 1500003223
The ROTHENBERGER Industrial high-temperature gas grill can reach temperatures up to 800 ° C hence it is extremly suitable to grill steaks or fish.
was € 249.00
€ 199.00

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Item No.: 1500001267

This  WALTER tool cannot only be used as a jump start for cars with a gasoline engine with a displacement of up to 2,5 dm3, but has also a build-in compressor, an emergency/work light, an USB socket and two 12 V outlets.

€ 29.90
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For almost a century, WALTER Werkzeuge has specialized in the production and distribution of high-quality tools. Our goal: delivering uncompromising quality at the best possible price. A number of customers from various professions have trusted the company’s tools for years. Because there is one principle we prioritize – and that’s being close to the customer! As a reliable partner with integrity.