FERREX Petrol pressure washer
Item No.: 44016298

Petrol pressure washer

FERREX petrol pressure washer with powerful 208 cm3 four-stroke engine and 3.6 liter fuel tank as well as extensive accessories.
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The FERREX petrol pressure washer has a 208 cm3 four-stroke engine, a 3.6 liter fuel tank and a 250 bar pressure pump. With this device, machines, vehicles, buildings, tools, facades and terraces can be cleaned in no time.
The supplied nozzles, which differ in their spray pattern and the water pressure, are equipped with a fast connection system. Changing is thus quick and easy.

Another plus is the simple water connection. The pressure washer draws in water from open water sources (such as ponds or canisters). The stainless-steel filter can also be used for water from the rain barrel. By activating the trigger lock, accidental use can be prevented.

The matching nozzle set is available under item no. 629176-1. A high pressure hose with a length of 6 m is available under item no. 629174 and another one with 12 m length under item no. 44067938B. The spray gun with lance is marked with art.no. 629839 and a suction hose with filter 4 m can be found with art.no. 640350.
  • strong rubber wheels
  • 5 interchangeable spray nozzles
  • big cleaning agent tank with 3.95 l
  • fast and easy water connection
  • 250 bar high pressure pump
  • suction hose with filter and four meters in length
max. water temperature:
50˚ C
min. feed volume:
12 l/min
max. suction height:
1 m
engine type:
forced air cooling, 4 stroke
cylinder capacity:
208 cm3
fuel tank capacity:
3.6 l
oil tank capacity:
0.6 l
rated pressure:
18 MPa
allowable pressure:
25 MPa
rated flow rate:
8.3 l/min
  • 1x petrol pressure washer
  • 1x assembly tools
  • 1x 6 m hose
  • 1x heavy duty spray gun with 5 alternating nozzles
  • 1x engine oil and funnel
  • 1x intake hose 4 m incl. filter
  • 1x user manual
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