Trubo Plus Jet Burner
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Trubo Plus Jet Burner

ROTHENBERGER Industrial wide jet burners for flaming, welding, reheating and more.
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Whether weed destruction, welding foils or warming up, with ROTHENBERGER Industrial wide-area burners you always have the right tool for your application.
Due to the high quality standard and the use of brass in gas-carrying parts, you will enjoy the product for a long time.
Thermal weed eradication and moss removal. Easy and safe to ignite thanks to the integrated piezo ignition. No weeding, no chemistry! Adjustable flame, economical consumption. Very handy for patio, yard and paved paths. Ideal for warming up, flaming, welding foils or furniture finishing in vintage style. The burner consists of gas-carrying brass parts for high quality and long durability.
  • including gas cartridge with 25% more content & electr. piezo ignition
  • ideal for chemical-free weed killing & other flame treatments
  • furniture finishing in vintage style to make your own
  • practically for barbecue
  • Thawing frozen water pipes
0.01 m³
55 mm
  • 1x ROTHENBERGER Industrial wide jet burner Turbo Plus
  • 1x gas cartridge with 25% more content
  • 1x user manual