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RoPump Power

At the next stubborn pipe blockage, save the expensive pipe cleaning company and use the very effective RoPump Power from ROTHENBERGER Industrial!
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With the RoPump, you no longer need chemical plumber that can erode both the chrome and the drain pipes. Our RoPump Power also scores with a very simple application.
Ideal for semi-professionals, caretakers, hobby-handyman etc.
Instead of the negative pressure, the RoPump power creates an overpressure that floods the pipe. It is of decisive advantage that even with repeated application a pressure is always generated "into the pipe". This means that the obstruction in the form of faeces or foreign bodies is always pressed only in the direction of the channel, and does not meet you again. In other words, you press the pipe blockage out of your pipe into the sewer.
Simply place the adapter for the toilet or washbay in the basin onto the drainage hole. At the washbasin, seal the overflow with a cloth or similar. Then, with the handle thrust forward, build pressure into the drain, which pushes the water through the siphon into the pipe to release the blockage.
  • incl. 2 tailor-made adapters for optimal docking to wahbasins / tubs / WC
  • for sinks, urinals, showers, bathtubs, gutter drainage, etc.
  • perfectly eliminates clogging in the siphon and drainage area without chemicals
  • very stable design in the usual ROTHENBERGER quality: hard plastic housing & high-quality piston
  • extra big stroke for more power
0.02 m³
  • 1x RoPump power
  • 2x adapters
  • 1x user manual