Rothenberger Industrial Lead-free electronic solder 70g
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Lead-free electronic solder 70g

Lead free electronic solder 70g
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Low-residue, halogen-free no-clean solder wire. Specially adapted to the requirements of electronics production. The flux is characterized by high temperature resistance and does not spatter during melting. The bright, solid flux residues are neither corrosive nor electrically conductive and can therefore remain on the solder joint.
  • The Sn100Ni+ alloy has outstanding soldering and physical properties. In addition to the extremely low copper alloying, the service life of the soldering iron tips is also noticeably extended. The soldered joints exhibit the shine familiar from leaded soldering technology.
Melting temperature :
Flux content :
2 to 3.5% standard
flux distribution :
1- seelig
70 g
  • 70 g lead-free electric solder