WORKZONE Batteries

Small, compact WORKZONE lithium-ion batteries are true powerhouses. With a long life, high power rating and the best value for money guaranteed! When your power tool’s battery is empty, simply plug it into the charger and let it charge – pesky extension cables are now a thing of the past!
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Tiny powerhouses for your home and garden project

Numerous cordless tools are used in home and garden projects, from sanders to jigsaws or drills. WORKZONE replacement batteries are the ideal solution to ensure you can keep working! All your tools can be used at the same time without having to take a break to charge.

Accessories for your WORKZONE tools

Come to WALTER for the perfect replacement battery for your job. You’ll find high-quality batteries for all WORKZONE tools in the WALTER online shop.

But there’s more: you can also order chargers from our online shop. Add to your cart and have everything delivered right to your front door! 

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