WORKZONE Battery Chargers

100% power in just a few hours: easy-to-use battery chargers for WORKZONE tools quickly recharge your battery so you can keep going with your DIY project. Whether you’re using a battery-powered compressor, cordless drill or staple gun – thanks to your WORKZONE battery charger, your cordless tool will be ready to go when you need it.
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Charge your battery quickly and easily

WORKZONE battery chargers save time and money

WORKZONE battery chargers only use as much energy as they need, saving you both electricity and money. Charging starts just a few seconds after you attach the battery. Plus, these battery chargers are easy to use and transport.

WORKZONE battery chargers are usually included in your chosen tool set. If you lose yours, however, you can find the perfect replacement in the WALTER online shop. Simply choose the correct power pack and order online for the best price.