Rothenberger Industrial RoFire Piezo incl. Multigas 300
Item No.: 035555

RoFire Piezo incl. Multigas 300

The RoFire Piezo is very versatile, reliable and safe to use!
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The flame ignites safely and can be easily regulated for outstanding work results.
The support bar is a special and important safety element that is almost only found by ROTHENBERGER Industrial! The cartridge has only a small footprint and can be safely parked by the additional storage bracket. The bracket can be folded in and out as required.
Another special feature is the replaceable burner nozzle. The RoFire Piezo reaches a working temperature of up to 750 ° C and is also suitable for brazing copper pipes up to max. Ø 15 mm.
The soldering device consists of gas-carrying parts made out of brass (instead of tinplate, for example) a sign of the high quality of ROTHENBERGER Industrial.
  • including piezo ignition
  • including support bracket as a special safety element
  • burner nozzle exchangeable
  • gas-carrying parts made of brass
  • soft soldering
  • flaming and burning of weeds
  • thawing frozen water pipes
0.01 m³
working temperature:
750 ° C
22 mm
brazing copper pipes:
max. Ø 15 mm
soft soldering:
max. Ø 28 mm
  • 1x RoFire Piezo
  • 1x Multigas 300 cartridge