Rothenberger Industrial Soldering Iron 80W
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Soldering Iron 80W

Soldering Iron 80W
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Soldering Iron 80W
Your item-no. HS-060A-80
230 V / 50 Hz
ABS/Nylon handle with silicon rubber handle cover (silicon rubber covers have to be fixed very well on the handles - glued)
colour of handle and cover will be advised by our product manager (red handle and yellow cover)
real VDE rubber cable ~F(H05RN-F 3G 0,75 mm2)~f 1.35 m (black colour) and real ~FVDE plug~f
incl. 1 layer metal shield (heat protection)
~Fincl. 1 x flat tip + 1 x pointed tip~f
incl. scratch resistant "Rothenberger Industrial" logo printed in white colour on the handle (length approx. 35 mm)
including 1 x metal stand (zinc plated)
soldering shaft laser printed/engraved (artwork will be advised by our product manager)