Rothenberger Industrial MIG Welder (with VDE Plug) RoCoredWelder 90
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MIG Welder (with VDE Plug) RoCoredWelder 90

For MIG welding, the RoCored Welder 90 MIG welding machine from ROTHENBERGER Industrial is ideal as a 11-piece cored wire welding set is included.
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MIG welding is a process that has been established for a long time and enables fine and consistent welds in a short time. The coreed wire is used, which is an alternative to the normal solid wire. The shielding gas is contained in the wire in powdered form, is thus passed directly into the arc and makes the welder insensitive to wind when working outdoors.
A big advantage: The scope of supply includes a welding station equipment which includes a slag hammer with a wire brush, a cored wire welding coil as well as a welding shield that protects the eyes from the arc emitted UV-rays and heat.
  • cost savings (no external gases and no pressure reducer necessary)
  • fine and durable welds due to the additional powder filling
  • hardly syringe effects
  • reduced welding time due to the high melting rate
  • clean and durable result with crack and pore safety
  • insensitivity to binding errors
  • higher mobility and flexibility, since no gas cylinder necessary
  • powdered inert gas in the welding wire generates constant, wind / oxygen insensitive arc
  • inert gas welding without gas cylinder, portable
  • powdered inert gas in the welding wire
  • including welding equipment
0.04 m³
rated voltage:
230 V / 50 Hz
suitable for 0.6 mm - 0.9 mm flux-cored wire
  • 1x MIG welder
  • 1x 10-pc. accessory set
  • 1x user manual
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