Cutting discs

Cutting discs are used for material removal along a line and can be used for a wide variety of materials (metal, natural stone, asphalt, concrete). Basically, there are two main groups of cutting discs: resin-bonded cutting discs and diamond cutting discs.

High quality cutting discs

For the processing of metal, as well as steel and stainless steel, resin-bonded cutting discs are used. They are particularly resistant due to their composition, which can be cut through hard steel. The diamond cutting disc is used when concrete, natural stone or asphalt is to be processed. There are different types of diamond cutters cutting discs. Fine cuts in tiles and ceramics can be achieved with a diamond blade with a smooth edge. For stone types such as old concrete a ribbed edge should be used.

Important: To prevent overheating, care should also be taken to ensure adequate cooling of the cutting disc. Furthermore the exact installation of the cutting disc is important to achieve the desired results.

The durability of a cutting disc depends on the quality of the cutting disc and the used material. Discs made of synthetic resin, for example, have an expiry date of 3 years or less (from the date of manufacture). A lower quality diamond cutting disc may have an approximate life of 12 hours under very good conditions, while high quality diamond cutting discs may be used for up to 120 hours.

In addition, proper storage is essential - therefore, cutting discs should generally not be exposed to mechanical damage or environmental damage (UV radiation, temperature, humidity, etc.).