Spare Batteries for Cordless Tools

WALTER spare batteries are characterised by their battery life and long service life. Whether for cordless screwdrivers, cordless drills or cordless garden shears – we have innovative spare batteries for every WALTER cordless tool.
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WALTER spare batteries at the best price

Small and compact yet full of power

A familiar story for all DIYers: low or empty batteries in your cordless tool. A spare battery is not only practical, but saves a lot of time as well! Simply switch out the battery in your WALTER tool and go! While the empty batterie is recharging, work can be continued with the new one.

The perfect battery for your WALTER cordless tool

Looking for a spare battery for your cordless screw driver, impact drill, garden shears or hedge trimmers? WALTER offers compact lithium-ion spare batteries for all kind of cordless tools and cordless garden tools at a reasonable price.

WALTER tip: Find which battery suits your WALTER tool in the user manual. Simply compare the article number listed with the one on your tool. Check if the brand, the number of volts and the ampere strength match to find the suitable battery quickly and easily.

Spare batteries are great if you…

  • … work in places without electricity.
  • … often use your cordless tools for longer periods of time.
  • … want to work with maximum power in DIY projects.