Blackout Kit & Emergency Kit

Everything you need to have at home when the power goes out: With your own blackout kit by WALTER, you are prepared for power outages, technical breakdowns, and other unforeseen events. Live in a crisis-proofed household with your individual emergency kit!
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Why should I prepare for an emergency?

Planning ahead will help any household become more crisis-proof. Whether it's a natural disaster, a technical breakdown or other unforeseen events, emergencies rarely announce themselves. They can occur quickly and without warning.
Everyone who wants to be prepared must do it in advance. If the emergency has already occurred, it is already too late.

Blackout survival kit for a power outage

In a great blackout, the power fails over a large area and for an extended period. Compared to a normal power outage, electricity is not working again after few minutes or hours. Especially in cold seasons, an alternative must be found not only for cooking or lighting, but also for hot water and heating.

Therefore, you should take precautions for a power failure. A prepared blackout emergency kit, in which e.g., flashlights, gas heater or spare batteries are available, not only provides security, but also helps in case of an emergency. With emergency generators and radiant heaters, you can also do something against the cold temperatures.

Blackout checklist

The emergency kit for a blackout crisis should include the following items:

  • Food supplies for two weeks (long-lasting food)
  • Emergency cooker/camping stove
  • Candles & matches/lighter
  • Spare lighting such as gas/petroleum lamp
  • Flashlight (battery operated or crank flashlight)
  • Emergency radio (battery operated, car, solar or crank radio)
  • Emergency heating such as gas heater
  • Spare batteries
  • Cash
  • Hygiene items
  • First aid kit
  • If necessary, two weeks' supply of medications

Conclusion: Little planning required, great relief

To put it in a nutshell, planning ahead will help you in any crisis. While the preparation effort is very little, the relief is great in the event of an emergency. Whether a blackout, a flood, or any other natural disaster occur, having the right emergency kit at home will help you and your family.