WALTER offers the newest technology at a cheap price. The wide product range reaches from simple cordless drill set to professional demolition hammers. With the practical WALTER tools all kind of works is done faster and easier.
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Great choice for every purpose

Best quality paired with low consumption

WALTER offers the best quality and high-quality workmanship combined with a low energy consumption. Independant of the low consumption, the WALTER tools are more powerful than ever!

The WALTER assortment

WALTER offers a versatile selection of various power tools, so there is something for every purpose. From the hot air blower, impact drills and gas tools to the plunge saw.

But what is the best way to find the right tool?

  1. Consider the scope of application for your new WALTER tool?
  2. Which materials need to be processed?
  3. How often do you use the tool?
  4. Which features are important for your project?

Another WALTER advantage?

WALTER Werkzeuge not only offers you the right device, but also any kind of accessories, extensions and spare parts.
From wear parts such as saw blades, drill bits or sandpaper and wear parts such as carbon brushes, we offer the right one for everyone. Simply browse through the WALTER online range and order the right part for your WALTER device today!