WALTER Werkzeuge’s corporate philosophy

WALTER Werkzeuge’s corporate philosophy rests on seven important pillars: team spirit, trust, responsibility, efficiency, quality, courage and entrepreneurial spirit. These are not mere guiding principles but values that influence and define our every action and general conduct. They are our internal compass, if you will. Ahead of every significant change, we ask ourselves the following question: Is this coherent with our values, and can it even lead to improvements? 

Team spirit 

Every single employee contributes their strengths and talents to the benefit of the greater whole. We are living a communicative, open and positive climate – no matter the ethnical, professional or educational background of our employees! WALTER realized early on that entrepreneurial success and the wellbeing of our employees go hand in hand.


We approach everyone at eye level. Whether it’s our colleagues or our partners – cooperation is more than just a simple exchange of factual knowledge and skills. We’re working on building committed, trusting and loyal relations – characterised by mutual respect – as our basis for successful partnerships.


A respectful treatment of all employees and a sustainable and responsible approach regarding the Earth’s resources – that’s a top priority at WALTER Werkzeuge. We all contribute to the success of our mission through our engagement and dedication and the integration of our guiding principles in our everyday lives.


Our efficiency is based on expert-level competence, flexibility, and speed. Flat hierarchies along with streamlined structures and processes make it possible to come to quick decisions if necessary. We’re aiming at approaching things professionally and to keep them simple at the same time – without much bureaucratic hassle and mountains of wasted paper.


Our quality consciousness is reflected in everything we do, be it the interactions with our employees and suppliers or the development and creation of our products. We view it as essential to control all processes meticulously and to work on optimising them continuously. 

We also watch, listen and analyse. Recognize trends and detect innovations. Then, we take both and turn the mix into a sales-ready product available at commercial chains all across Europe. But we’re also thinking about alternatives: If what the customer desires isn’t on the market yet, we’ll deliver nonetheless – custom-made!


We have the courage to think outside of the box, to leave our comfort zone and make pioneering decisions. That’s how we continuously evolve. Because only those who allow for innovation and change can succeed in the marketplace.

Entrepreneurial spirit 

Our entrepreneurial spirit is characterised by our values and views. Among them: the courage to try new things, the readiness to take responsibility and to provide solutions to any kind of problem. But we also further innovation and take risks – true to our motto: “Everything’s possible!”