For the people and the environment

Corporate social responsibility & sustainability

WALTER Werkzeuge stands for business practices that emphasise a respectful treatment of people and a high level of responsibility for the environment and our natural resources. Sustainable decision-making is part of the core values of our corporate philosophy. 

WALTER Werkzeuge strives for efficient workflow and processes to minimize the environmental burden as much as possible. This conserves resources and, at the same time, improves quality of life for everyone. 

TOOLS FOR LIFE – a project for humanity 

WALTER Werkzeuge supports the TOOLS FOR LIFE foundation – founded in 2008.
Its goal: to provide clean drinking water and a reliable power supply for people in all regions of the world. 

Alongside power and water supply networks, the foundation promotes access to education as well. All in the spirit of “helping others help themselves”. TOOLS FOR LIFE encourages, supports and challenges people to take fate into their own hands. 

Thanks to the extensive network of organisations and local partners, the foundation was able to create numerous educational institutions, water and power supply networks.

More about the TOOLS FOR LIFE foundation