Garden & Camping

It’s outdoor season once again: planting, fertilising and pruning are on today’s schedule. Make your garden a holiday oasis in no time with watering systems, scarifiers and electric garden shears from WALTER! Or perhaps you’re on the hunt for a powerful LED torch or heater for your camping trip this summer? The WALTER online shop has a great selection of handy helpers for your time outdoors. Browse WALTER’s products and choose the perfect garden and camping equipment.
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Garden equipment in the WALTER online shop

Garden equipment in the WALTER online shop

A holiday in your own garden is almost as relaxing as a trip to the sea. Surrounded by fragrant, blossoming flowers, your own garden paradise is the perfect place to relax. To make sure you can enjoy your time in your outdoor space to its fullest, you need to take good care of it! 
With your WALTER garden tools, a little planning and some craftsmanship, you can beautify your lawn, hedges and bushes in no time at all:

  • WALTER watering systems provide the roots of your garden plants with just the water they need. Essential when the mercury rises!
  • Has your once-lovely lawn been taken over by weeds and moss? WALTER electric scarifiers to the rescue! These tools improve soil ventilation, allowing it to absorb more oxygen and resulting in a more beautiful lawn.
  • Use handy WALTER electric garden shears to trim your lawn edges, bushes and hedges. 

You’re on your way to leisurely evenings of football, barbecues with friends and afternoons in the sun! And gardening is even twice as fun when you have the right tools! Order garden tools from the WALTER online shop and have them delivered directly to your front door!

Camping – the ideal equipment for your outdoor trip

Is your next camping trip just around the corner, but you need some important equipment such as a gas-powered heater or torch? Find everything you need for a successful camping weekend in the WALTER online shop:

  • Let there be light! WALTER torches are invaluable for camping trips. When the sun goes down and you don’t have electricity available, torches help you find your way back to your campsite. Plus, these practical lights offer a helping hand on hikes or evening walks with your dog.
  • WALTER gas-powered heaters are perfect for heating your tent, picnic area or cold nights outdoors. These portable heaters produce cosy warmth in all four seasons.

Accessories for your garden & camping

There are plenty of accessories for garden, camping and outdoor equipment to choose from. Versatile gas cartridges, for example, are great for powering gas lamps and camping stoves. 
The WALTER sales section has great deals on camping supplies and garden equipment – take a look!