Gas Cartridges

Operating a Bunsen burner, gas soldering irons or gas heater? WALTER has screw-type and plug-in gas cartridges for all types of uses! From gas cookers on your summer camping trip to heating up mulled wine in winter: WALTER gas cartridges are very versatile.
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WALTER gas cartridges for every need

The best prices for gas mixtures

The WALTER online shop features various gas cartridges to plug in or screw. Mostly filled with a liquid gas mixture of butane and propane, these gas cartridges have many uses at home or in your workshop. DIYers and hobby builders love WALTER’s practical, affordable gas cartridges.

The perfect gas cartridge for every occasion

Whether you need fire for your camping stove or gas lamp on an outdoor adventure, or use a Bunsen burner or soldering iron for your workshop – WALTER gas cartridges are very versatile and are also excellent for fuelling small radiant heaters.
Our gas cartridges can be used in:

  • Blowtorches
  • Gas-powered soldering irons 
  • Bunsen burners
  • Gas lamps and lights
  • Gas radiant heaters
  • Camping stoves
  • and much more!

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The difference between screw-in and plug-in cartridges

The difference can be explained quite simply: plug-in cartridges or piercing cartridges do not have a valve, but pierce the device when attached. It is important that the rubber seal surrounding the mandrel is clean – this ensures a tight seal.

Screw-type gas cartridges (also called valve cartridges) are screwed onto a device with a screw thread. As the name suggests, they are equipped with a valve that only allows gas to escape when the cartridge is screwed on. Thanks to the I.L.L. safety system (in accordance with EN 417:2012) that is integrated into every WALTER gas cartridge, these models can be removed and reused as often as you like.

What must be noted when storing WALTER gas cartridges?

Store original sealed gas cartridges in a cool and dry place. Low temperatures are no problem for small containers – heat, on the other hand, is. Even temperatures of 50° C can cause cartridges to leak or burst.

Once open, gas cartridges can only be stored in well-ventilated areas. Be careful! Cellars are not suitable for storing open gas cartridges. The gas has a higher density than air and therefore sinks. If the gas escapes from the cartridge, it can collect in invisible gases and thus poses a danger to humans and animals.

Please note: Gas cartridges are not as robust as gas tanks. Mostly made of tinplate, cartridges are much thinner and therefore more susceptible to damage from external influences.

How to dispose of disposable gas cartridges:

Once it is empty, your WALTER gas cartridge must be properly disposed of. One-time use models should ideally be brought to a recycling centre. 
Please note: Non-resealable cartridges (plug-in cartridges) can only be removed from the device when completely empty!

Buy gas cartridges online

Need the perfect gas cartridge for your camping trip, festival visit or workshop? Find various models at great prices in the WALTER online shop and have them delivered right to your home!