WALTER Brass Wire Brush
WALTER Brass Wire Brush #02
Item No.: 643418

Brass Wire Brush

The WALTER brass wire brush, suitable for the WALTER brush sander with item number 630634, is the ideal accessory. Made from 0.3 mm brass wire, it is ideal for working on metal, wood and stone.
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The WALTER brass wire brush, compatible with the WALTER brush sander (item number 630634), offers outstanding performance on metal, wood and stone. The 0.3 mm thick brass wire ensures effective and gentle cleaning and surface finishing. This brass wire brush is an indispensable accessory for every owner of a WALTER brush sander.
  • Efficient cleaning and surface treatment
  • Gentle treatment of metal, wood and stone
  • Durability and robustness thanks to high-quality brass
0.3 mm brass wire
Suitable for:
Metal, wood, stone
1.15 kg
  • 1x Brass wire brush