Prepare your garden for spring

Spring is coming and the sun shines brighter every day. Days are getting longer and with this wonderful time of the year, we are getting excited for outdoor activities. And there is no better place for it than your own garden. Surely, the winter has left its mark and therefor it is time to get your garden ready for spring. But how to best achieve this goal? Very simple! – With the WALTER instructions, the spring preparation of your garden will be over before you have noticed that you started.

STEP-BY-STEP INstruction

1. Free the lawn and paths from old leaves and branches

First up, you need to free the lawn and paths from old leaves and branches that have fallen to the ground.
They’ll make a great addition to the compost.

Our WALTER leaf vacuum cleaner (620231) is perfectly suitable for cleaning the lawn and paths. It features a suction and blowing mode – Very practical!

2. Remove weeds:

Start as soon as possible! The sun is shining longer from day to day and allows the weeds to spread faster than one might expect.

With the WALTER weed killer with multi gas (630966) and the WALTER 3-in-1 weed killer (630513). They’ll ensure an environmentally friendly way of weed control without the use of chemicals.

3. Pruning trees back:

In order to keep our beautiful trees and bushes the size they should be, it is important to prune them on a regular basis.

What do we have to take care of:

  • For one thing, we need to trim the healthy branches and shoots as well as cutting away all the dead branches.
  • Not all plants should be trimmed during spring, some of them prefer being cut back in late summer and yet others should be pruned before spring.
  • In addition to that, the pruning can have a negative impact. Especially on ornamental bushes that require natural growth.

We recommend the WALTER cordless pole pruner (630132) or WALTER Foldable Multi Purpose Saw (610729) for achieving perfect results.

Item No.: 630132
High-quality and powerful WALTER 20 V Li-Ion battery pole pruner with towing hook and telescopic extension.
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The WALTER foldable multi purpose saw comes with a replacement saw blade and the comfort handle enables clean and safe working.
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4. Cutting hedges:

Different hedges are pruned at different times of the year depending on the species. Deciduous hedges are pruned in winter or early spring, while conifers are pruned once in February and later again in summer. When trimming the hedges, always make sure that the lower part is not narrower than areas above, so the hedge will not throw a shadow on itself.

With the WALTER cordless hedge trimmer (612298) and the WALTER 3-piece grass shears set (611015) you can tend to and care for all your hedges with ease.

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Item No.: 612298
The WALTER 20 V Battery Hedge Trimmer is particularly suitable for processing tall hedge plants.
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The WALTER grass shears set of 3 pieces offers a nice selection of practical garden tools.
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5. Loosen up the soil:

This point should not be ignored. It makes the lawn denser and more durable overall and enables more oxygen to reach the roots. The right time to scarify the lawn is usually between April and September. However, if the lawn is used intensively during the summer months, scarifying should be done in spring and late summer. After scarifying, the lawn should be given a few weeks to regenerate.

You can find more tips & tricks here.

The WALTER 2-in-1 electric scarifier and lawn aerator (612330) makes scarifying easier than ever.

Item No.: 612330
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6. Lawn mowing and trimming the lawn edges:

It might appear complicated at first sight, but in reality, it is not that difficult. If you stick to a few basic guidelines, mowing your lawn will be quite simple. What is important is to mow the lawn at the right time and cut to the right length with the correct tools.

After the winter, the lawn should be trimmed once or twice a week after the initial cut in April. This will vary depending on climate conditions and the individual fertilisation behaviour.

The optimum cutting length for an ornamental lawn is approximately 2.5 - 4 cm and 3 - 4.5 cm for a play lawn.

For working on the lawn, we recommend the WALTER cordless grass and shrub shears (612371) and the WALTER cordless grass shears (612370).

7. Cleaning terrace floors:

Winter is over and the patio coverings are often covered with moss, the paved terrace is buried under a layer of algae and the garden furniture is also in need of a good spring clean. The high-pressure washer provides a simple and efficient solution to avoid unnecessary strain during cleaning.

The WALTER petrol high pressure washer (612101) and the WALTER compact pressure washer (612100) will help you with all your outdoor high-pressure cleaning requirement.

Note: Keep a suitable distance and low pressure when using pressure washers, otherwise coatings may come off.

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Thanks to the WALTER checklist, our oasis of well-being can be prepared for spring and our garden will shine in all its glory again.
We wish you the best of luck!