Heating in winter

We show you the benefits of each category so you can find your best choice.  Be it during a barbecue with friends or in workshop at home – with the right kinds of heating elements, you ensure a cosy warm atmosphere during the colder months as well. WALTER shows you how it’s done right.

Outdoor heating – that’s how every winter garden party

becomes a success!


The days are getting shorter, temperatures drop and the first snow covers the lawn in front of your house – no reason not to throw a smashing garden party in winter! Whether it’s on the terrace, in the garden or under the carport: It’s always more fun outside! If only there weren’t the frosty temperatures. Plenty of heating possibilities provide relief. Read more …

Radiators and heat cannons – perfect for use outside and in a tent
Well-known and particularly popular are radiators and heat cannons. These standing heating devices are usually used outside on terraces and in tents. After switching them on, it only takes a few seconds until they spread cosy warmth. Attention: While using radiators and heat cannons, the combustion creates toxic fumes. Only set up these heating devices outdoors in tents with good ventilation!

... can be attached to a standard gas cylinder. As the gas rises, it is sparked by a piezo igniter. The heating direction can be adjusted, and the heat gets distributed both upwards and downwards into the surroundings.

Advantages of gas-powered radiators:

  • Heats up the surrounding air (not the raiators itself)
  • Wind has no impact 
  • Lose no heat while heating up

... are usually fuelled by a propane-butane mixture or pure propane gas. Cold air is sucked in via the turbine, heated inside the device and given off to the surroundings again. With flame temperatures of up to 1,000°C, these compact heat cannons heat up their environment quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of gas-powered heat cannons:

  • For big rooms or halls
  • Fast heating-up
  • Suitable for dessicate
  • Good heat distribution

Three tips for how to use heating elements

Attention: While using radiators and heat cannons, the combustion creates toxic fumes. Only set up these heating devices outdoors in tents with good ventilation!
Keep a safe distance

Be it the gas or electric version – every heating device can heat up surrounding objects and surfaces – for example: walls, ceilings or pieces of furniture. So, keep in mind to place the heating element at a safe distance from heat-sensitive materials.

Insulate the ground to conserve warmth

Your garden party takes place inside a tent and might last until the early morning hours? A simple insulation made with a tarp and some straw ensures a cosy warm atmosphere even in cool hours. The straw also absorbs moisture – another benefit especially on snowy or rainy days!

Mind the fire hazard

The gas-powered mushroom heater and the infrared radiator can pose a fire hazard in case they tip over. Make sure you place them on a firm and even surface.

Heizen mit Gas - FAQ
  • The gas is ignited by Piezo ignition
  • The reflecting device is heated up by the gas
  • Radiant heat is developed
  • Air is sucked in and heated up
  • the sucked air gets heaten up
  • the warm air is then dispensed through the ventilation
  • Igniting a gas flame by the press of a button
  • Safe start even in windy conditions
  • A lighter is not needed anymore
The gas consumption depends on the set temperature and the device you are using. In the WALTER Onlineshop you can find the consuption rates of each device under the tab, technical data. Suitable gas canister can be found in any well stocked DIY-warehouse.
Since gas bottles are covered by law under dangerous goods transport and also require special storage, gas cylinders are not available in the WALTER online shop. The suitable butane or propane gas bottles are available in any well stocked DIY-Store.
A gas heater should only be repaired by experts or people who are familiar with the device. Any problems with WALTER products or products sold through WALTER can be resolved by calling our Customer Service
A gas heater or turbo fan gas heater can, depending on the model can reach temperatures betwenn 100°C and 900°C. It is therefor necessary to keep a distance of at least 1 meter above and around the appliance. The Appliance should not be operated within reach of children.
It is not recommended to use gas burning heaters inside because the emissions cannot escape. Although gas heaters can be used indoors in larger environments where the air circulation is greater.