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Inverter Generator 2000 W

Meet the WALTER Inverter Power Generator 2000W - your reliable energy source for uninterrupted power. With top-tier features and a robust engine, it's the ultimate solution for your household's electricity needs.
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Introducing the WALTER Inverter Power Generator 2000W - Your Reliable Power Solution! Tired of sudden power interruptions? Meet our inverter generator, your seamless energy source for the entire family. With top-tier features and specifications, it's the ultimate power solution for your home.

Our generator consistently delivers a reliable 230 V/50 Hz voltage output, guaranteeing smooth operation of all your devices and appliances. From powering your home's lighting to ensuring essential appliances run without a hitch, this generator has you covered.

Designed for continuous operation at 2000 W and capable of delivering a peak power output of 2050 W, this generator belongs to the G1 power class, ensuring performance when you need it most. With this level of power, it's more than equipped to meet the electricity demands of a family household.

At the core of this generator lies a robust 4-stroke single-cylinder, air-cooled engine boasting a capacity of 79.8 cm3. With a peak power output of 2.4 kW, it's primed to handle any load your devices might require.

Select between regular or super unleaded gasoline (91 or 95 RON) to fuel your generator. The substantial 4-liter gasoline tank guarantees extended runtime with an efficient fuel consumption rate of just 0.7 liters per hour at 2/3 load, ensuring your comfort during prolonged power outages.

Place your generator on flat, dry ground for optimal performance. We recommend grounding your power generator as a safety measure to prevent electrical shock and electrocution, ensuring the utmost safety for everyone.

Our generator is suitable for a wide range of devices, from kitchen appliances and lights to televisions and more. Whether you're cooking, enjoying entertainment, or simply keeping the lights on, this generator is your trusted power source.

Invest in our generator today for an uninterrupted and dependable power supply. Be it for emergency backup, outdoor adventures, or as a reliable energy source for your family home, this generator has you covered. Power your life - choose the WALTER Inverter Power Generator!
  • ensures uninterrupted operation of various devices and appliances
  • suitable for kitchen appliances, lighting, televisions, and more
  • a powerful 4-stroke engine handles various loads with ease
  • perfect for backup power during outages
  • portable and reliable power source for outdoor activities
  • G1 power class for exceptional performance
  • easy installation
68479 m³
Model No.:
Output voltage:
230 V~/50 Hz
Rated current:
8.7 A
Rated power in continuous operation:
2000 W
Max. Power output in short time operation under 5 minutes:
2050 W (S2 5 min
Power class:
Power factor cos φ:
Quality class:
Type of power unit:
4-stroke single-cylinder, air-cooled
  • 1x inverter power generator
  • 1x spark plug key
  • 1x oil funnel
  • 1x tool bag
  • 1x fuel cap
  • 1x user manual
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