WALTER 3 in 1 air pump/compressor
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Item No.: 630990

3 in 1 air pump/compressor

The WALTER 3-in-1 Cordless Air and Volume Pump 20 V is a compact tool for quick inflation of tires, as well as inflation and deflation of air mattresses, and more. With 20 V nominal voltage, 10.3 bar pressure and practical functions, it is ideal for use at home or on the road.
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The WALTER 3-in-1 cordless air and volume pump 20 V is a versatile tool for quick and easy inflation. With a nominal voltage of 20 V, it provides the power needed to inflate car or bicycle tires, rubber toys, small air mattresses, and footballs in a short time. It also has a practical deflating function.
With a maximum pressure of 10.3 bar and a rotation speed of 3500 rpm, the pump ensures that your tires always have the right air pressure. Featuring a quick charge time of only about 60 minutes, the pump is ready and operational at all times. Battery operation makes the unit flexible and ideal for use in hard-to-reach places with few electrical outlets.
This versatile pump is loaded with convenient features to make inflation and deflation easier for you. It has a built-in LCD work light for added visibility when working in dark environments. The auto-stop feature ensures that the desired pressure is reached, and the pump automatically shuts off to prevent over-inflation.
The soft-grip handle of the compact and handy WALTER cordless air and volume pump provides a comfortable and non-slip grip during use. In addition, the detachable hose provides extra flexibility when inflating. In this way, it makes your inflation work easy, efficient, and effortless.
  • quick and easy inflation
  • only approx. 60 minutes charging time
  • flexible battery operation
  • with LCD work light for better visibility
  • equipped with an auto-stop function
  • compact and handy with soft grip for comfortable handling
  • additional flexibility due to detachable hose
0.01 m³
Nominal power:
20V Li-Ion - 2.000 mAh
Max. Working pressure:
approx. 10 bar
Max. Air flow rate:
approx. 380 L/min
Max. Speed:
3500 rpm
Air flow rate (air pump):
21 l/min.
Air flow rate (volume pump):
380 l/min
  • 1x 3in1 cordless air and volume pump 20 V
  • 1x charger
  • 1x battery
  • 1x valve adapter
  • 1x Ball adapter
  • 1x universal adapter
  • 1x High pressure hose
  • 1x blowing/suction hose
  • 1x Instruction manual