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cable Hoist 1200 W

WALTER electric cable hoist 1200 W for lifting loads up to max. 600 kg and up to a max. height of 12 m
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The WALTER electric cable hoist 1200 W is suitable for lifting and lowering loads in dry and closed rooms and up to a height of twelve meters.
Without pulley loads up to 300 kg can be raised. The lifting power of the cable hoist can be doubled by the assembly of the pulley.

The emergency stop switch on the control unit makes it possible to switch off the cable hoist immediately in an emergency. Further safety precautions include the thermal overload protection and the auto-stop safety switch of the cable hoist, which ensures that the motor stops as soon as the cable drum is fully wound or almost completely unwound.
  • thermal overload protection
  • auto-stop switch
  • control unit
  • sheave with load hook
  • mounting with 2 retaining brackets
38 cm
13.5 cm
22 cm
0.02 m³
Weight without packaging:
16.24 kg
supply voltage:
230 V~/50 Hz
current consumption:
5.5 A
power consumption:
1200 W
nominal load without pulley:
300 kg
nominal load with pulley:
600 kg
  • 1x cable hoist
  • 1x control unit
  • 1x hook-roller combination
  • 1x fixing material
  • 1x user manual