XXL Screwdriver and Bit Set 100- pc.
XXL Screwdriver and Bit Set 100- pc. #02
XXL Screwdriver and Bit Set 100- pc. #03
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XXL Screwdriver and Bit Set 100- pc.

The WALTER screwdriver and bit set contains 100 different screwdrivers and bits.
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The large WALTER screwdriver and bit set includes 23 screwdrivers, 8 precision screwdrivers, 2 offset screwdrivers, 60 bits, 6 sockets and a ratchet screwdriver.
This versatile set includes pozidrive, phillips, square, hex, torx and flathead Screwdrivers and Bits, everything is included in this versatile set.
  • multi-faceted set
  • high quality screwdrivers and bits made of solid and non-corrosive chrome vanadium steel
  • including ratchet screwdriver
  • practical offset screwdrivers
0.01 m³
Slotted screwdriver:
0,5x3,0x75 mm, 0,8x4,0x100 mm, 1,0x5,5x75 mm, 1,0x5,5x100 mm, 1,2x6,5x100 mm, 1,2x6,5x150 mm, 1,2x8, 0x150 mm
Phillips screwdriver:
PH0x75mm, PH1x75mm, PH1x100mm, PH1x150mm, PH2x100mm, PH2x150mm
Pozidrive screwdriver:
PZ0x75 mm, PZ1x75 mm, PZ2x100 mm
Torx screwdriver:
T10x75 mm, T20x75 mm, T25x100 mm, T30x100 mm
Square screwdriver:
S0x75 mm, S1x75 mm, s2x100 mm
Flathead precision screwdriver:
0,4x2,5x50 mm, 0,5x3,0x50 mm
Phillips precision screwdriver:
PH00x50 mm, Ph0x50 mm
Torx precision screwdriver:
T6x50 mm, T7x50 mm, T8x50 mm, T10x50 mm
Phillips screwdriver:
PH1 / slot 1.0x5.0 mm
  • 23x screwdriver
  • 8x precision screwdriver
  • 2x angle screwdriver
  • 60x bits
  • 6x sockets
  • 1x ratchet screwdriver