Heaters and Forced Air Heaters

At a market stall, event tent, winter garden, terrace, construction site or workshop – no one wants to work or play outdoors in the cold without a little cosy warmth. Gas powered WALTER and ROTHENBERGER INDUSTRIAL heaters and forced air heaters bring warmth to your surroundings quickly, effectively and easily. Whether you need a radiant heater or forced air heater for your garden, workshop or leisure time activities: you will find the perfect heater in the WALTER online shop.
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WALTER heaters and forced air heaters for the chilly time of the year

Instant heat at a great price

The temperature decides whether guests at your party are happy, whether you work with warm hands in your workshop or whether the water in your pipes freezes. WALTER heaters provide warmth – and with it, high spirits, comfortable DIY project time and running water!

And the best thing: because these units are gas-powered, you don’t need an electrical supply – meaning you can enjoy flexibility. At WALTER you will find the perfect heater for any situation – tested by the German Technical Inspection Association, TÜV, and at the best price! 

How does a forced air heater work?

ROTHENBERGER INDUSTRIAL forced air heaters are perfect for heating tents, winter gardens, market stalls and well-ventilated spaces. They are compact and can be placed just about anywhere.

Simply attach a standard LPG reusable cylinder with propane-butane or pure propane to the unit and switch your ROTHENBERGER INDUSTRIAL forced air heater on. You will immediately feel the comfortable heat. Cold ambient air is sucked in by the turbine, heated inside the unit and then released. 

WALTER delivers an instruction manual with every forced air heater available in our shop. This manual includes detailed instructions on how to connect the gas cylinder and ignite your forced air heater.
Safety note: Never use radiant heaters and forced air heaters in enclosed spaces!

ROTHENBERGER INDUSTRIAL forced air heaters: high-quality, effective and affordable

WALTER and ROTHENBERGER INDUSTRIAL heaters and forced air heaters are available in a high-quality stainless steel design. They run on a propane-butane gas mix or pure propane gas from standard LPG reusable cylinders. With flame temperatures of up to 1000° C, they offer plenty of power, heating your environment quickly and efficiently. 

The integrated thermal cut-off provides reliable protection from overheating. Forced air heaters from the WALTER online shop are delivered complete with gas hose, and some include integrated hose breakage protection. The piezo ignition ensures safe, easy firing!

Optional hose breakage protection can be ordered from the WALTER online shop!

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How do gas radiant heaters work?

WALTER and ROTHENBERGER INDUSTRIAL radiant heaters are smaller and more compact than forced air heaters. Depending on the model, they are powered by an LPG reusable cylinder or a disposable gas cartridge filled with either pure propane or a propane-butane gas mixture. When ignited, the gas heats a radiating unit. The radiant heat created is distributed by an attached reflector – and the area surrounding the heater becomes cosy and warm.

In addition to the piezo ignition, gas radiant heaters also feature thermal cut-offs for easy ignition and protection from overheating. 
Order your disposable gas cartridge for your heater quickly and easily in the WALTER online shop!

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Take care when using forced air heaters and radiant heaters

Place gas radiant heaters and forced air heaters at a safe distance from flammable objects! Although the flame is protected, the high heat produced by the unit can melt or even ignite nearby materials.

Buy heaters and forced air heaters online

Do you need a flexible source of heat for your outdoor party, workshop or winter garden? The affordable, high-quality WALTER and ROTHENBERGER INDUSTRIAL forced air heaters are just what you’re looking for! Take a look at the WALTER online shop and have your heater delivered right to your home!