Spring is coming and with it comes the time for outdoor activities. Our bicycle will finally experience some usage and we start being excited for the environment-friendly means of transport. Yet there are many things to do before starting into the new cycling season.
Bike cleaning

Beginning with the process of cleaning. Proceeding in small steps will be a huge help in order to ensure a pristine result.

1.  In the first step we take care of the chain. Use a suitable chain cleaner, spray it on the chain and let it rest for about five minutes. 

      Note: The chain cleaner mustn’t be degreasing

2.  Now we will continue with the rest of the bike. To do so we are washing our bicycle with water. We recommend our WALTER pressure                  washers with the item numbers K612101 and 612100

      Note: Keep great distance and low pressure when using pressure washers, otherwise dust and dirt might get into hinges and bearings.

3.  In the next step we will spray bottle bike wash onto the frame of our bike and again let it rest for about five minutes. Make sure not to get            the bottle bike wash on the brake disc and brake calliper, if this happens, clean the affected spots with brake cleaner.

4.  Now you can use an old toothbrush to clean the remaining hidden and difficult to access spots. Especially parts like damper, seals, hinges,            suspension fork and the derailleur system can be easily freed from dust and dirt.

5.  After having cleaned your bike, remove the bottle bike wash with clear water.

Our recommendation for the process of cleaning your bicycle:
The WALTER pressure washers with the item numbers K612101 and 612100.

Note: Keep great distance and low pressure when using pressure washers,
otherwise dust and dirt might get into hinges and bearings.

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Ready for the new bicycle season with our maintenance checklist

Now that our bicycle is shining in all its glory, we will get to a full check-up of our bike.


•    Frame:
       Can you find micro cracks in the frame?

       Note: When having a carbon frame, micro cracks can harm the frame’s structural integrity.

•    Screw connections:
       Any loose screw connections? The quick release on the saddle is still tight? Make sure to use a torque wrench to tighten the screws.

       Note: Recommended maximal torques can be found directly on the parts of your bike or in the belonging user manuals.

•    Brakes:
       Do the brakes function the way they are meant to? If the grooves in the brake pads are no longer then you should exchange them for new           ones. In addition, you should check the screw connections between the brakes and the frame. If your bike is having hydraulic brakes, also             have a look at the brake lines. Maybe they’re leaking?

•    Derailleur system:
       The derailleur system is functioning too? Does the gear change unintentionally? If that’s the case, either readjust it yourself or head to the         next bicycle dealer.

•    Suspension fork and damper:
       Is there oil lacking from the regulator at the rebound damping? If there are any jerking movements to the damper system, head to your                 local bicycle dealer.

•    Chain:
       see point one 1 above
      Don't forget to oil the chain with a suitable chain lube.

•    Lamps:
       The illumination system on your bicycle is working properly? If not, review all cables and plug connections and for battery-operated                       lighting systems you should check the battery level.

•    Rims:
     Is there any damage in the rims? Are there cracks or dents in the rims? All spokes are tensioned equally? Maybe the rim is „wobbling”?

•    Tires:
       The last point on our checklist will be controlling the tires. Can they still be used or should they be replaced? Maybe there are cuts or                     cracks in the tires? Do they bulge to the outside in certain spots? During the winter your tires will lose some air and therefor you should               control the tire pressure.

If you have identified any defects, check if maybe you can solve them yourself or if you need to head to a bicycle dealer.

After having finished the whole process, we should check one more time if we might have overlooked something?
Small mistakes can happen to the best of us and therefor we want to make sure that we worked error-free.

We are now done with our maintenance checklist and ready for the new Bicycle season.

Well done!

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