Pressure Washers

Mossy terrace tiles, dirty outdoor furniture, a muddy vehicle or spattered cladding – with a WALTER pressure washer, you can easily clean every surface. Just press a button and voila! From compact pressure washers for your home to larger machines for commercial use: WALTER has the perfect pressure washer and all the accessories you need – all, of course, for the best value for your money!
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WALTER pressure washers – for deep cleaning

Remove stubborn dirt with water pressure

Selecting the perfect pressure washer is essential for the best result. Dirt in your home and garden can be more stubborn than you think. You will quickly test your patience with conventional cleaning methods and supplies, especially when dealing with large areas. WALTER has the answer: our compact and affordable pressure cleaners for private and commercial use ensure easy cleaning and great results!

WALTER pressure washers are excellent for cleaning terraces, cladding, machines, vehicles, tools, garden furniture and much more! They are easy to use and clean even hard-to-reach places. Stubborn dirt, mud and mould are stripped right off surfaces with the perfect water pressure.

How does a pressure washer work?

Electric and petrol-powered machines draw in water from an external source. A piston pump applies pressure of up to 200 bar, creating the strong jet of water you get with a WALTER pressure cleaner. The water exits through the cleaning nozzle at up to 250 bar, blasting away even the most stubborn dirt.

WALTER pressure washers heat water up to 50° C. The increased water temperature reduces time needed for cleaning. Depending on the level of dirt, you can also add cleaning agents to the machine.

But be careful! Regardless of the temperature of the water that comes out of the cleaning nozzle: care must always be taken when cleaning with high water pressure.

Choosing the best pressure washer

The range of uses for pressure washers is wide. Not all surfaces and materials can be cleaned with the same amount of pressure. To protect glass and paint, vehicles need to be cleaned with lower pressure than pavement and paving tiles, for example. To clean tougher surfaces, pressure should be higher to dissolve deep dirt with ease.

The flow rate – how much water flows through the pressure washer per minute – can play a decisive role in your choice. WALTER pressure washers deliver up to 9.3 L per minute.

What you need for cleaning with a pressure washer:

WALTER pressure washers are easy to use. Depending on the model, a 230 V electricity supply is needed to operate your pressure washer. Water can be supplied via a normal water pipe. Simply attach the hose where a garden hose would normally be connected. To work independently of a water connection, a suction hose with filter basket can be used. Just put the hose into your rain barrel and off you go!

Tips for easy cleaning

  • Safety: Dirt will splatter when you work with high-power water pressure. We recommend wearing appropriate clothing and protective gear such as gloves, a mask and safety goggles!
  • Water quality: The water you use in your pressure washer should be of drinking quality. This prevents damaging your pressure washer and ensures that everything will be truly clean.
  • Proper use: Always follow the instructions in the manual. Plus, the fewer valves and branches in the supply line, the better. Clean your machine after each use.

WALTER pressure washer accessories

Our online shop features not only WALTER pressure cleaners, but also plenty of accessories: spray guns, suction hoses with filter basket, high-pressure hoses with various lengths and much more!

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