Clean the car yourself

If you do not want to clean your car in a car wash, there is a lot to consider.  Here you will find tips of tools and the necessary steps for a thorough exterior cleaning.

Tips for perfect cleaning before the cold season starts

  1. The first step is to remove coarse dirt and grime by hand (e.g. pollen or leaves in the motor compartment in front of the windshield).

  2. The easiest way to remove salt, sand and coarse dirt is if to use the WALTER High Pressure Washers. The pre-treatment is an important point, otherwise the car varnish could be scratched by small grains of sand during the proximate treatment.
    Wheels and rims are best cleaned with our high-pressure cleaner. Then it can be cleaned with shampoo and sponge.
    WALTER Note: Please keep at least 30 centimeters distance to all vehicle parts, otherwise they could be damaged by the pressure. 

  3. Clean window:
    A good view is especially important during autumn and winter season. For this reason, the car window should be regularly cleaned inside and outside  to remove dirt.

  4. Maintain varnish:
    Wet, cold and road salt can strongly attack the car varnish. A thorough cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner before the first snow is the basis for a good varnish care. The next step is to care for your vehicle with polish and wax.


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