Clean the car yourself

In the cold season, it is not only the muddy and slippery roads caused by the salt that lead to problems for drivers. The salt and the chlorides can cause damage to the varnish and the seals too and might, in the worst case, lead to rust. Regular car washing helps. Here you will find tips about tools and the necessary steps for a thorough exterior cleaning.

Tips for perfect cleaning in the cold season

  1. Car Paint:
    Even the finest scratches in the paint, which are barely visible, can lead to corrosion in connection with salt. Therefore regular, thorough car washes are essential. It is important, however, that the spray nozzle is used at a sufficient distance. If the distance is too small, the paint can be damaged. The easiest way to remove salt, sand and coarse dirt is if to use the WALTER High pressure washers.

  2. The underbody:
    An underbody wash is advisable after the winter season at the latest. It is advisable to do the washing by hand with a steam cleaner. But you should make sure to leave the openings in the underbody and the electronics open. At these points, only compressed air should be used for cleaning.

  3. The locks:
    The locks should be taped to prevent the washing water getting into the locks or freezing them. The seals should also be regularly cleaned and maintained with a suitable care product to prevent brittle rubber seals.

  4. The tires
    To clean tires and rims, it is recommended to use a rim cleaner (without acid), a high-pressure cleaner and a soft brush to remove stubborn dirt. The easiest way to remove salt, sand and coarse dirt is if to use the WALTER High pressure washers.

  5. The right finish
    Especially in winter, drying after washing the car should not be forgotten. If drying is done by hand, special care must be taken to ensure that there are no dirt residues or pebbles on the car paint or cleaning cloth. Wipers, door gaps, seals and door locks should also always be dried by hand. Finally, a sealing ensures a significantly longer life for the car paint.


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