Our theme world on rainwater pumps is intended to introduce you to the extensive world of irrigation with rainwater. We explain devices such as automatic domestic water pumps, domestic waterworks, submersible pumps or classic rain barrel pumps and their differences. Furthermore, we explain which device is the most useful for the different applications.

Rainwater pumps and their applications

There are different types of pumps for different applications around the house and garden. Once the area of application has been defined, the right pump can be selected quickly.

If the pump is to be used for flushing the toilet or as a supply for the washing machine, of course a different pump is needed than for simply emptying a rain barrel or watering the garden from a pond.

So there are a few questions to consider when choosing:

  • What is my water source?
  • From where does the water have to be pumped and how far (suction height, delivery distance, etc)?
  • How often will the pump be used?
  • How much water is pumped?


The rain barrel pump

The simplest way to install a rainwater pump in your own garden is a rain barrel pump. The rain barrel pump is particularly easy to handle because it is only hung in a rain barrel and can already pump water after a short adjustment. It acts like a small submersible pump. The amount of water to be pumped is usually infinitely variable.

The rain barrel pump can be used to conveniently fill rainwater into a watering can, or the pump is directly connected to the garden hose. It is generally only suitable for manual watering of the garden. Its advantages: Small to store, quick to install and remove, and suitable for most rain barrels.

Die Regenfasspumpe

Die einfachste Art eine Regenwasserpumpe im eigenen Garten unterzubringen ist eine Regenfasspumpe. Sie ist besonders leicht in der Handhabung, weil sie nur in eine Regentonne gehängt wird und nach kurzer Einstellung schon Wasser fördern kann. Sie agiert wie eine kleine Tauchpumpe. Die durchzulaufende Menge ist meist stufenlos regelbar.


Mit der Regenfasspumpe kann bequem das Regenwasser in eine Gießkanne gefüllt werden oder die Pumpe wird direkt an den Gartenschlauch angeschlossen. Sie eignet sich generell nur für die manuelle Bewässerung des Gartens.


  • Einfache Handhabung
  • Schnell installiert und wieder abgebaut
  • Für die meisten Regentonnen geeignet
- 14%
Item No.: 612364
The WALTER 12 V Li-Ion cordless rain barrel pump with powerful engine is ideal for pumping casks and barrels. The pump can pump up to 1500 l/h and is also very flexible and practical thanks to its low weight.
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Die Gartenpumpe

The garden pump

The classic garden pump is suitable both for mobile use and for a permanently installed system. A garden pump can therefore be used for simple watering of lawns or beds, but also for pumping out cellars or, if it is connected to the supply system in the house, also for operating the toilet flushes or the washing machine.

The garden pump is not placed in the water, only its suction hose. Easy but safe access to the water source is required.

Another point to note is that most garden pumps must be operated with a filter, as possible sand and dirt debris can get stuck in the pump and damage it.

The great advantage of garden pumps is the high working pressure with which lawn sprinklers or similar devices can be operated. Due to their design, garden pumps work with a vacuum system, which results in a further advantage, namely the extremely high suction and delivery head. On average, with a suction height of five to seven metres and an extreme delivery height of 30 metres.

One disadvantage, however, is that the garden pump must not run dry due to the vacuum system. An integrated dry-running protection is therefore a great advantage.

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Item No.: 630977
The WALTER garden pump is powerful, quiet and very versatile around house and garden.The powerful WALTER Garden Pump 600 W has a maximum suction height of 7 m and can be used up to a rise of 30 m.
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Item No.: 630562
With the powerful 18 V battery-powered garden pump from WALTER, pumping water from a rain barrel or rain collection tank becomes absolute child's play.

Der Hauswasserautomat

The automatic home water pump

An automatic home water pump is a pump that can independently set the required water pressure. If an automatic home water pump is integrated into a household, it is so intelligent that it turns on the pump as soon as a tap is operated, but can also turn it off again. In this way, it can work independently and offers integrated dry-running protection, which protects the pump from defects. The automatic home water pump is thus perfectly suited for a synergy of cistern and automated garden irrigation or the interaction of cistern and sanitation system.

Since a home water pump does not have its own boiler, but only acts as an automatic pump, it is easier and cheaper to maintain. Another resulting advantage is its compact dimensions.

Some automatic home water systems can also determine the pressure themselves, so that the right pressure is always available for the corresponding area of application.


The domestic waterpump

A domestic waterpump can be used in various ways in the house. For example, if the water pressure in a house is very low, the domestic waterpump can output an increased pressure in the house due to the installed pressure vessel. The power consumption here should be made dependent on the size and the demand.

With a domestic waterpump, operation can also be automated, with the pump switching on and off as required. The larger a boiler is, the more stable and longer the increased pressure can be guaranteed. This also saves energy and electricity costs, as the pump does not have to start immediately when water consumption is low.

The inlet can be directly from the water mains or from a cistern or similar and the outflow goes directly into the household's connected water system.

Every DIY’er should check the pressure after installing the domestic waterworks so that neither the water pipes nor the diaphragm installed in the domestic waterpump are operated to too much stress and the device is protected from damage. It should also be noted that the unit must be operated with clean water.

In addition, domestic waterworks should be permanently installed, as they are naturally very heavy due to the boiler.


Ein Hauswasserwerk ist auf verschiedenste Arten im Haus einsetzbar. Beispielsweise wenn der Wasserdruck in einem Haus sehr niedrig ist, kann es durch den verbauten Druckkessel einen erhöhten Druck im Haus ausgeben. Die Leistungsaufnahme sollte hier von der Größe und dem Bedarf abhängig gemacht werden.

Mit einem Hauswasserwerk ist der Betrieb auch automatisiert möglich, bei dem sich die Pumpe nach Bedarf ein- und ausschaltet. Je größer ein Kessel ist, desto stabiler und länger kann der erhöhte Druck natürlich gewährleistet werden. Dies spart zusätzlich Energie und Stromkosten, da die Pumpe nicht bei geringem Wasserverbrauch sofort anspringen muss.

Der Zufluss kann direkt über das Wassernetz erfolgen oder über eine Zisterne oder Ähnliches. Der Abfluss geht direkt in das angeschlossene Wassersystem des Haushalts.

Tipps für Inbetriebnahme

  • Jeder Heimwerker sollte nach der Installation des Hauswasserwerkes den Druck kontrollieren, damit weder Wasserleitungen, noch die im Hauswasserwerk verbaute Membran zu sehr beansprucht wird und das Gerät vor Schäden geschützt wird.
  • Das Gerät darf nur mit sauberem Wasser betrieben werden.
  • Hauswasserwerke sollten fest installiert werden, da sie aufgrund des Kessels schwerer sind.


  • Verschiedene Einsatzgebiete
  • Schaltet eigentständig Pumpe ein und aus, spart so Energie
Item No.: 620605
The energy-saving WALTER jet pump is not only perfect for irrigating gardens in the outdoor area, but also for domestic water supply indoors.
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The high-quality WALTER digital home water pump switches on automatically when it is needed, but does not run dry.
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WALTER 1200 W stainless steel pump is not only perfect for irrigating gardens in the outdoor area, but also for the domestic water supply indoors.
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Die Saugpumpe

The suction pump

Another type of rainwater utilisation is the suction pump. The suction pump is operated above ground and, thanks to the powerful suction engine, can also pump water from particularly deep cisterns, ponds or other water containers.

It should be noted that the pump must be filled with water before starting the process and must not draw air under any circumstances. Furthermore, the distance between the suction pipe and the pump should be taken into account so that not too much energy has to be used.