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In the face of major global challenges such as the economic crisis, climate change and pandemics, many other problems and difficulties that are far from being solved are pushed into the background. Not so for WALTER and ROTHENBEGER Holding. Together with the founder Dr. Helmut Rothenberger, his family and his "TOOLS FOR LIFE" foundation we are actively helping. Together we want to finance six fish to collect carbage. Therefore we donate 1€ per every order until the 24th of december 2022!

The mission of the foundation

The TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation has set itself the goal of establishing clean drinking water, a functioning energy supply and sensible educational facilities where they are needed, because unfortunately this is still not a matter of course in many parts of the world. Resources such as water, energy and education are essential for a healthy life.

The project

In Senegal, the disposal of plastic waste is a big problem. Even schoolyards are often full of plastic waste. To tackle this problem, TOOLS FOR LIFE has come up with a waste collection project.

So-called plastic-eating fishers are set up in schoolyards. These metal "fish" are meant to encourage children to dispose of plastic waste properly. As part of the installation of the plastic-eating fish, there will be a training session on the topic of recycling.
The plastic-eating fish will be made by a local metal worker. The fish will then be bought by TOOLS FOR LIFE and placed at the schools.
This is where the Senegalese entrepreneur Kareu comes in. Kareu will buy the collected plastic waste from the schools. The money can be used by the school to improve school operations (new teaching materials, etc.). Kareu processes the plastic waste into granules. He processes the granules into hoses for drip irrigation systems and into pipes in his small business. The hoses and pipes are also used in TOOLS FOR LIFE projects, e.g. in Ngollar or Pallo.

Your contribution!

Our goal is to finance six of these fishes. In the period from 1st December 2022 to 24th December 2022, WALTER will donate €1 for every purchase. And if there is still some money missing at the end, we will of course make up for this part. Anything more will surly be donated to the project. 
If you would like to express your social commitment, there is also a general donation account of the TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation!


Don’t hesitate and start helping now!

Item No.: 613210

The Burning Hearts are here! With the handy solar lamps with integrated power bank, you have a reliable light source at hand for on the go. The LED light shines for over 50 hours at its brightest and up to 300 hours at its lowest brightness level. You can charge the Burning Heart with a charging cable or with the integrated solar panel on the back; even on cloudy days!

What happens to the proceeds from the sale of the Burning Hearts?

100% of the proceeds of the sales will go towards the project work of the TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation.

€ 19.99
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