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TOP 5 of the week

The wide product range reaches from cordless drill set, hand tools, jump starter to gas heater. With the practical WALTER tools all kind of works is done faster and easier.
- € 2.00
Item No.: 613018

The WALTER aluminium trolley can transport objects weighing up to 90 kg on its 240 x 390 mm surface.
A big advantage of the trolley is that it can be retracted to a minimum height of 710 mm and the loading area can also be folded in, making it very narrow and easy to store.

was € 29.90
€ 27.90
Item No.: 612229
WALTER inspection camera equipped with a waterproof flexible gooseneck and a mini-color camera with dimmable LED lighting ideal for inspecting awkward, inaccessible places, as well as for finding and retrieving small items.
€ 69.90
Item No.: 036060
The ROTHENBERGER INDUSTRIAL 10 pc hot pen set is the ultimate 3-in-1 tool.
€ 54.99

The compact B-Goods Multibrand Repacked cordless chainsaw 40 V is ideal for trimming and sawing branches and trees. Thanks to the battery operation, it is very versatile.

The C-Goods Multibrand Repacked 3.6 V cordless cutter is ideal for cutting leather, cardboard, wallpaper, fabric, tarpaulins and many other materials. The set already includes a second battery, which guarantees a clean work flow.

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