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TOP 5 of the week

The wide product range reaches from cordless drill set, hand tools, jump starter to gas heater. With the practical WALTER tools all kind of works is done faster and easier.
Item No.: 610944

The WALTER electric cable hoist 1200 W is suitable for lifting and lowering loads in dry and closed rooms and up to a height of twelve meters.
Without pulley loads up to 300 kg can be raised. The lifting power of the cable hoist can be doubled by the assembly of the pulley.

was € 119.00
€ 95.20
Item No.: 611313
WALTER Safe with electronic and double bolt security lock for even more security including two back-up keys, batteries and mounting material.
was € 69.90
€ 48.90
Item No.: N620166
The powerful WALTER paddle mixer 1200 W is ideal for mixing paint, compound and mortar. The delivery includes a mixing paddle.
was € 59.90
€ 50.90
Item No.: 630515-1
The B-Goods WALTER garden shredder, in combination with the Walter outdoor power strip 10 m, is the ideal set for removing cuttings in the garden. The B-goods WALTER garden shredder is an article of the WALTER Multibrand Repacked Category B (new goods with damaged packaging).
was € 139.80
€ 97.80
Item No.: 630967
The compact B-Goods Multibrand Repacked cordless chainsaw 40 V is ideal for trimming and sawing branches and trees. Thanks to the battery operation, it is very versatile. This product is an article of WALTER Multibrand Repacked Category B (new goods with damaged packaging).
was € 199.00
€ 129.00
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