Cordless Screw Drivers

Do you need to drill and screw in wood, stone or metal? WALTER cordless screw drivers are the perfect two-in-one tool – a must-have in any tool box. In the WALTER Online Shop, DIYers will find the best tools at the perfect prices!
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Cordless screw drivers – a true classic

One cordless tool for drilling and screwing

From drilling holes in wood or walls to assembling furniture and tightening and loosening screws: WALTER cordless screw drivers are very adaptable.

Save yourself trouble with a battery-powered screwdriver, even if you are “just” disassenmbling furniture. The adjustable clockwise rotation is suitable for tightening, and the counter clockwise rotation for loosening screws. These tools are extremely practical and easy to use!

Advantages of cordless drill drivers

Great power, long battery life and a short charging time – these are the distinctive quality features of WALTER cordless tools.
You can choose the revs in two diffrent stages, so you have the perfect speed for your work.

Important: Drilling requires a higher number of revolutions per minute and less power, whereas screwing needs more power and a lower number of revolutions.

Special features of WALTER cordless drill drivers:

WALTER cordless drill drivers impress professionals with more than their attractive and compact design. Craftsmen can look forward to numerous practical features:

  • Integrated LED light to illuminate your work area
  • Switch with electronic speed control
  • Ergonomic design with soft grip 
  • Permanently high power and long service life with li-ion battery technology 
  • Battery with battery level indicator 

In addition, the battery eliminates annoying cables, cumbersome transportation and replugging. With WALTER cordless drill drivers you are always flexible and independent.

Accessories for WALTER cordless drill drivers

Accessories for WALTER cordless drill drivers
WALTER spare batteries

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