The core business of the ROTHENBERGER Group is dedicated to development, production and marketing of tools and machinery for pipe machining. ROTHENBERGER and its comprehensive product portfolio is the first port of call for plumbers, heating installers or engineers and service technicians. Since 1949, craftspeople trust the dependability, durability and state-of-the-art technology of their appliances. 

Find out more about ROTHENBERGER: www.rothenberger.com

Six noteworthy facts about the company

1. family business since 1949

2. almost 60 years of experience as a manufacturer of pipe tools 

3. locations in 32 countries all over the world 

4. more than 6,000 products as part of their range 

5. sustainable environmental protection 

6. social commitment in many TOOLS FOR LIFE projects 

Active in five lines of business

The ROTHENBERGER Group has made a name for itself in the tools and machinery sector over the course of several decades. Under the roof of the ROTHENBERGER Holding, it encompasses – alongside its core business – a number of brands and companies.
They can be categorized as five lines of business: 

1. production of tools and environmental technology 
2. manufacturing of machine tools 
3. supplier for industrial production 
4. real estate management and development
5. trade

Find out more about the ROTHENBERGER Holding: www.rothenberger-holding.com

The merger with WALTER Werkzeuge

In 1988, WALTER Werkzeuge merged with the ROTHENBERGER Group. It is now a part of one of the most notable family-operated corporate groups in Europe. As an independent brand, WALTER Werkzeuge complements the holding’s range of products with high-quality tools for DIY craftspeople.