Kraft 18 V cordless impact drill
Item No.: K620261

18 V cordless impact drill

Discover the K620261 18 V cordless impact drill - a versatile companion for craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts. With a maximum torque of 45 Nm, a speed control with two gears and impact function, this drill allows precision projects involving wood, metal and masonry.
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Crafted for the private user within the hobby and DIY sectors, the 18 V cordless impact drill has a range of functions tailored to your needs. Whether assembling furniture, fixing household items, or creating your next masterpiece, this tool is your loyal companion.
The impact drill comes with 3 high-speed steel (HSS) drills, 3 masonry drills, and 6 screwdriver bits, which ensure various drilling in metal, wood, synthetic, and masonry. The magnetic adapter increases flexibility by allowing you to switch between bits effortlessly and quickly. With the integrated LED working light, even the darkest corners of your workspace are no longer a challenge. Enjoy improved visibility and accuracy!
Empower your work with precision and adaptability through 19 different drilling and percussion drilling torque steps. With a maximum torque of 45 Nm, the K620261 cordless impact drill guarantees the strength you need to drive your projects forward. Take your ingenuity further with the hammer function, perfect for percussion drilling in masonry, concrete, and stone.
The K620261 18V cordless impact drill - your gateway to precision, power, and limitless creativity. Unleash your potential and bring your projects to life with a tool that is designed to empower your every endeavor.
  • versatile tool for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts
  • practical solution for furniture assembly, household fixes, and more
  • includes HSS drills, masonry drills, and screwdriver bits
  • effortless bit changes facilitated by the magnetic adapter
  • illuminating LED working light eliminates shadows, enhancing precision
  • customizable torque settings (19) cater to diverse drilling needs
  • robust power with a maximum torque of 45 Nm for strength
  • innovative hammer function extends capabilities to masonry, concrete, and stone
  • versatile chuck size of 2-13 mm enhances adaptability
  • easy switch between dual-gear speeds for efficient performance
0.01 m³
Rated voltage:
18 V DC
Chuck clamping range:
2-13 mm
Idle speed:
1st gear 0-350 min-1 | 2nd gear 0-1400 min-1
Torque steps:
19 + drilling + percussion drilling
45 Nm (max.)
  • 1x impact drill
  • 1x rechargeable battery
  • 1x charger
  • 3x masonry drill bits (4, 5, 6)
  • 3x drill bits for wood and steel (Ø 4, 5, 6)
  • 6x 25 mm screwdriver bits (PH1, PH2, PZ1, PZ2, 4, 6)
  • 1x magnetic bit holder
  • 1x instruction manual