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Item No.: 620193

Paint spray gun 500 W

Practical WALTER paint sprayer 2in1 500 W, suitable for the fast application of paint and colours over large areas.
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With the WALTER 500 W 2in1 paint spray gun, objects and walls can be easily restored or repainted without any previous experience. The paint sprayer produces compressed air, which distributes the lacquer or paint evenly, precisely and quickly onto the surface. The spray feature can be individually adjusted, reaching from pinpoint to wide coverage. The delivery includes a 900ml and a 1200ml paint container. The 900 ml container has a metal nozzle and is particularly suitable for lacquers, the larger container has a plastic nozzle and is best to use for paints.
The flow of paint or lacquer can be regulated by a volume control knob, which makes variable adjustment possible. Three different spray patterns are available to choose from, while the size of the spray pattern can be adjusted by the spray width control. Reaching from pinpoint to wide oval coverage. The maximum flow rate of the device is 1000 ml/min.
  • fast and uncomplicated even without previous experience
  • Containers for paint and lacquer included
  • powerful and reliable with 500 W and max. 1000 ml/min passage
0.02 m³
rated voltage:
220-240 V ~ / 50 Hz
power consumption:
500 W
100 DIN-s (max.)
flow rate:
1000 ml/min (max.)
  • 1x paint spray gun
  • 1x paint container 900 ml
  • 1x colour container 1200 ml
  • 1x control rod key
  • 2x paint container lid
  • 1x user manual