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1100 W Waste Water Pump

The powerful WALTER 1100 W waste water pump has a maximum head of 8 meters and can pump up to 20,000 l / h.
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The WALTER waste water pump is very reliable and ideal for pumping out contaminated water. For example, it can pump water from overflowed cellars or interiors, as well as pump out ponds, pools or rain barrels.
The stable pump has a powerful 1100 W motor and can handle water volumes of 20 m³/h from a maximum depth of 7 m. Due to this considerable delivery rate, even a large vessel is pumped out quickly and thoroughly. The total head is 8 m and the lowest head is 5 cm. With the help of the practical 8 m long tether, the pump can also be easily lifted out of the machined surface. The 10 m cable leaves enough leeway to keep the power source away from the workplace.
The practical universal hose connection can be easily adapted to different hose sizes.
  • strong suction and pumping power
  • head up to 8 m
  • pressure hose connection can accommodate different diameters
0.01 m³
mains connection:
220-240V ~ / 50 Hz
nominal power:
1100 W.
20,000 liters / hour / 20 m³ / h
maximum head:
8 m
maximum immersion depth:
7 m
maximum switch-on height:
67 cm
smallest head:
5 cm
maximum particle size:
35 mm
  • 1x dirty water pump
  • 1x tether
  • 1x user manual