Home Water Systems & Water Pumps

Home and garden owners rely on WALTER water systems and pumps for innovative irrigation techniques to water fruit and vegetable gardens, irrigate larger properties, or even use rainwater or well water for their washing machines and toilets. Plus, they can even help you save money!
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Energy-saving watering with WALTER

Optimal water pressure for your home and garden

Modern WALTER water pumping systems such as utility pumps and booster pumps have many different uses in your home and garden. Use these pumps to water your garden, improve water pressure or pump well water to flush your toilets.

But how do water systems work? What is the difference between a home water system and a water pump? And which device is best suited to what purpose?

How a home water system works 

WALTER home water systems include a pressure tank into which water is pumped. The tank is made of two chambers that are separated by a rubber membrane. One chamber contains pressurised air; the other, water. If water is added, the membrane expands. When water is removed, the pressure decreases. If the pressure falls below a certain pre-chosen value, the pressure switch automatically switches the water pump back on.
Advantages for you:

  • makes use of rain and well water 
  • practically silent
  • low maintenance and little wear 
  • helps lower costs

How a home water pump works 

A home water pump is similar in its operation to a garden pump. The only difference is that the water pump automatically turns on when water is removed. Several paddle wheels generate the necessary water pressure.

The integrated dry-running safety device prevents the WALTER water pump from switching on when there is no longer any water, helping prevent damage to the device.
Your advantages:

  • constant water pressure 
  • no lead or follow-up time needed 
  • water is available immediately and consistently 

Home water system or pump?

The answer depends on how it will be used. If you primarily want to increase the pressure in your domestic water system, a WALTER home water system is the right choice. It can also use collected rainwater for purposes around your house; for example, to flush toilets or operate your washing machine.

Need to water your lawn and garden, or larger properties using cisterns or well water? Choose a WALTER water pump. 
Which device best suits your project depends on several factors:

  • water source (cistern, well…)
  • suction depth
  • delivery head
  • required flow rate
  • number of connections to the service water pipe   
  • dimensions of existing lines

Buy WALTER home water systems and water pumps online

Would you like to make your home more resource-efficient? Perhaps by using well water or rainwater to sustainably supply your home with water? WALTER water pumps and home water systems’ innovative technology offers the perfect solution for your project. Order online today at the best price!