In everyday life, a power outage can happen in the household. However, this issue can usually be solved quickly and thus the power failure is only of short duration.  A BLACKOUT is understood to be a long-lasting, large-scale power failure. The effects are far-reaching and indefinite. You have to deal without electricity for an unspecified period of time.


why take precautions?

It is good to prepare for a BLACKOUT situation and take precautions. A blackout is a long-term power failure. Thus, every day and crucial things such as communication, lighting and heating fail. That is why it is good to have an emergency power supply such as the WALTER power generator 2600 W or the inverter power generator 1000 W.

Since the gas pumps at the gas stations also fail, there is no access to gasoline. In order to remain mobile nevertheless, WALTER offers a large selection of metal jerry can sets. Thus, in case of emergency gasoline is provided for.

Unfortunately, you cannot choose at which time of the year the power failure occurs. Nevertheless, in order not to sit in a cold home during winter, the variety of WALTER heaters and heating canons provides the necessary warmth.

The hotplates also fail, as they do not work without electricity. To prepare warm meals, it is good to be able to fall back on gas-powered devices. The WALTER cast iron stove or the camping gas grill makes the necessary independence possible.

Such an exceptional situation is and will not be easy to handle. But with the right precautions and equipment from WALTER, you can cope surely. The most important thing is to stick together, because together everything is easier.

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with walter through the blackout

With its versatile range, WALTER offers a large selection of helpful products in such difficult situations. 

First of all, it should be defined what exactly is needed to compensate for the individual failures: 

A power generator turns out to be the most versatile device. It helps not only with warmth and light, but also with communication, since naturally also devices such as radios or cell phones can be charged. 
WALTER directly carries two different powerful models in its assortment. The models from WALTER are both petrol-powered, so they are also perfect for working in remote places around the house and garden!

Matching a petrol-powered generator is of course a jerry can. Petrol is necessary in an emergency situation. Petrol should be available not only for the generator, but also for the car, so that in an emergency people can be supplied as quickly as possible. WALTER offers some handy sets.

Another necessary helper, which is versatile, is the WALTER gas heater with piezo ignition. Gas is also more storable compared to petrol. This handy equipment helps not only in the Blackout situation, but can also extend your summer or autumn evening. 

For everyone who needs more power a professional fan gas heater is the better option, because it has much more power and can thus also quickly warm up bigger tents or workshops. 

But beware, gas and petrol devices should not be operated in closed rooms without air circulation!!!

An electricity-powered alternative would be, for example, the halogen space heater. It is particularly flexible thanks to its rollers and also offers an integrated table. With it, even in unpleasant situations, exuberant evenings are pre-programmed both indoors and outdoors. And during winter it is perfect for a cozy wine evening in your own garden.

warmth is the key !

Now the only thing missing is the supply of warm food. But WALTER is also perfectly equipped for this. Cooking without electricity is super easy with WALTER products. The camping and party grill is a real all-rounder in the kitchen. It can be used for grilling, roasting, braising, pairing and classic cooking. In addition, it is particularly easy to handle and small to store. It is powered by a multigas cartridge, which is very durable and particularly easy to use. No additional regulator or hose is needed.

the sturdy cast iron stove
If more power is needed in the kitchen, the robust cast iron stove is the right device. It has an output of 7.5 kW, making it perfect for longer cooking sessions, such as those involving large quantities of soups or stews. It has a cast iron burner and four sturdy stands. This stove is powered by a conventional gas cylinder.

our highlights

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Item No.: 1500001267
WALTER Gas space heater with piezo ignition, ideal for heating market stalls, tents and well-ventilated rooms.
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- 25%
Item No.: 640062
The WALTER Inverter Generator is powerful but still quiet. In addition, due to its small size and low weight easy to transport as well.
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€ 289.00
Item No.: 613046
The robust WALTER turbo fan gas heater with piezo ignition is made out of high-quality stainless steel and is ideal for heating large areas, market stalls and marquees.
€ 169.00

With WALTER pumps against floods

WALTER offers a versatile and high-quality range of pumps that can be used all year round and can quickly provide help in emergency situations. 

Probably the most suitable helper is the practical WALTER 750 W waste and clear water pump. This 2-in-1 device has a remarkable delivery height of nine metres and can pump more than 16,000 litres per hour! It is not only perfect for pumping out cellars, but can also be perfectly integrated into everyday DIY work. For example, it can be used to empty a pool or pond within a short time. 

Once the cellar is empty, it probably needs to be cleared from a lot of mud and other dirt. This should be done as soon as possible to prevent the dirt from settling or drying. 
An ideal companion against dirt are the WALTER high-pressure cleaners. The intensity of its jet can be adjusted as desired. 

Attention! To avoid damaging walls and other things, the pressure should not be set too high.

Item No.: 630517
The powerful WALTER 1100 W waste water pump has a maximum head of 8 meters and can pump up to 20,000 l / h.
€ 69.90
- 20%
Item No.: 612100
The compact WALTER pressure washer is ideal for cleaning machines, vehicles, buildings, tools, facades and terraces.
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€ 79.90

water march !

To ensure that the water reaches the right place quickly, a hose reel cart or a hose reel is suited best. Hose reels can be mounted on the wall and rewind automatically with a quick pull, so that annoying rolling up and knotting of hoses is a thing of the past.

A hose trolley is usually a little more flexible in its usage, as it can be moved easily thanks to its rollers. This makes it easy and effortless to move to different water connections. 

WALTER products combine useful features in everyday life and top performance in exceptional situations.

Item No.: 613024
The automatic WALTER hose reel 20 m is ideal for watering plants and lawn in the garden easily. The turnable wall bracket is an additional plus.
€ 79.90