Power generator

Power blackout? Building site with poor power supply? With WALTER, you will never be left in the dark, hence WALTER offers a selection of different power generators. No matter if it should aid as an emergency generator for your home, on the site as an power supply or on a camping trip. Browse through the WALTER assortment and find your perfect power generator!
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Power generators

There are various types of generators, whether gasoline, diesel or inverter power generators. The advantages and disadvantages and appropriate application of each device, are explained in the overview below.

What is a generator for?

First of all, the different applications of a power generator. A power generator can be used in a variety of situations, whether in your own home, on the construction site or in the workshop or even on the pasture. Basically, a power generator is useful during blackouts or when and wherever there is an absent or limited power supply. For example, a power generator may be connected to the household mains-power if it is strong enough, or to supply power to on-site lighting and tools. The scope of application is anywhere, where power is needed autonomously.

Which power generator is the right one?

At this point, the purposes and scope of function of the generator should be defined. If it is needed in many different locations, a compact gasoline or inverter power generator is helpful, as these are often lighter and more manageable. If it is for stationary use, it and should be as economical as possible, therefore a diesel generator is recommended. For generators that are used very rarely and in most cases as an emergency generator, those with special fuel, such as alkylbenzene, are recommended. The individual devices and designs are defined below.

Inverter power generator

The special feature of an inverter power generator is that engine and generator are not coupled, as is common for standard gasoline power generators. This means that you can work with different frequencies and the generated electricity can be delivered evenly. So engine speed and generator speed are independent and can be variably adjusted. Thus, in continuous operation voltage fluctuations can be completely ruled out, despite any reverberations of the engine.
What are the advantages of inverter power generation over others? Apart from the increased consistancy, an inverter power generator is usually smaller, lighter and more manageable. It is specially designed for mobile use. Despite the small compact dimensions and the low weight, it is very powerful and is also suitable for regular use.

Gasoline power generator

Gasoline power generators have their advantages in winter, thanks to the decoupled gasoline-powered engine, it is particularly easy to start in cold temperatures. Furthermore, it is compared to diesel generators particularly handy and therefore easier to transport. Due to their construction, they are also lighter than diesel engines. Compared to inverter power generators, they are often offered with 4-stroke engines and they are often more powerful.
If the generator is rarely used or used as an emergency generator, it is highly recommended to operate it with the special fuel alkylate gasoline, due to its high storability.