Cordless Garden Shears & Trimmers

Get your hedges and lawn back into shape easily with WALTER cordless shears and trimmers! Trim hedges and bushes in no time at all with these convenient garden helpers. From cordless grass trimmers to cordless hedge shears, WALTER offers the right selection of tools for any project!
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Powerful cordless grass and hedge trimmers

For easy, convenient garden care

Trimming lawn hedges, bushes, hedges and vines is no problem with WALTER cordless grass and hedge trimmers. The WALTER trimming devices get delivered with diffrent attachement, so one device can be used for several kind of works.
The compact, light and cordless design makes garden work with WALTER cordless trimmers fun and easy!
The telescopic handle allows you to cut tall hedges too, but this handle is also ideal for grass trimming. Once it is adjusted to your height, you can enjoy back-friendly garden work whilst standing upright – no need to hunch over! Comfortable and handy – that's what characterises WALTER cordless garden trimmers.

Be careful when working with cordless shears and garden trimmers!

Cordless tools with blades always carry a certain risk. But the WALTER tools are specced with many safty features such as:

  • The rubberised handle ensures a secure grip, preventing slipping. 
  • The lock-off switch secures the device from unintentional turning on. 
  • When the trigger is released, WALTER cordless garden shears open their blades immediatly

WALTER tip: Keep out of reach of childrean; for example on a high shelf or in a lockable cabinet. 

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