Cordless saws

Whether cordless jigsaws or battery-powered plunge saws - WALTER offers a variety of different cordless saws, so there is the right tool for every purpose. With WALTER cordless tools you work simply quicker and without any cables.
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Cordless saws with great advantages

Flexible and practical

The biggest advantage of WALTER cordless saws is the flexible and location-independent operational capability. The powerful and handy cordless saws make it easy to work in the most remote places where power supply is not always available. In order to that they work professionally, without any limitations and thanks to WALTER at an affordable price!

Another significant advantage is safety. Due to the battery operation, dangerous tripping hazards caused by cables can be avoided easily, and the danger of a short circuit also decreases if too many devices are connected to the houses power grid at the same time.


Although cordless tools do not get their power directly from a power outlet, they have got a high performance and endurance. This is made possible by state-of-the-art technology: integrated or replaceable Li-Ion batteries. On top of that batteries made of lithium compounds have no memory effect. That means they can be charged several times without losing their full capacity - even during a long period of time.

WALTER tip: With a spare battery, craftsmen avoid unnecessary breaks.

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