Cordless garden tools

Experience full mobility with the cordless WALTER gardening tools. Whether mowing the lawn or trimming the hedge - we provide you with the ideal companion for every garden project. Discover the variety of our garden machines and create your own green paradise!
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The perfect WALTER cordless tool for any job

Work flexibly

Cordless tools feature one great advantage. These practical all-rounders don’t need to be plugged in, making annoying extension cords a thing of the past! Save valuable time and energy with cordless tools.
Another advantage: working with cordless tools helps to prevent tripping hazards caused by cords lying around. In addition, you can use these powerful tools anywhere – practical, right?

A wide product range of WALTER cordless tools

WALTER has the right cordless tool for your home and garden projects:

  • Cordless garden trimmers: Battery-powered grass and hedge trimmers are perfect for pruning bushes
  • Cordless drills and impact drills: For drilling and impact drilling in wood, stone and metal, or for screwing – perfect for assembling and dismantling furniture.
  • Cordless multitools: All-in-one tools for sawing, sanding, cutting and polishing. 
  • Jump starters: Get your car up and running again whilst recharging your car battery – easy with WALTER jump starters!

Lithium-ion batteries without memory effect

Even though cordless tools are not powered directly from a socket and power cord, they are very powerful and long-lasting. This is made possible by state-of-the-art technology: integrated and replaceable lithium-ion batteries. Batteries made of li-compounds also have no memory effect, meaning they can be charged any number of times without losing their full capacity – even over a long period of time.

WALTER tip: Avoid unnecessary breaks with a spare battery. If your battery dies, simply replace it with a charged one and plug in the empty one for charging. This helps guarantee your projects are completed on time!

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Accessories for WALTER cordless tools

Cordless tools can be used for any number of home and garden projects. The wide variety of drill and screw bits makes cordless drills especially flexible and versatile. We recommend having spare blades for cordless grass and hedge trimmers at home so you can work effectively for a very long time.

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