From sawing, sanding and cutting to buffing – WALTER multi-tools tackle numerous jobs with just one tool! These small, compact all-in-one tools are perfect for DIYers: WALTER multi-tools give you a helping hand no matter what job you’ve got on your hands.
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Multi-functional tools for every toolbox

WALTER all-in-ones for the best price

Stripping old paint, sawing wood, cutting tiles – WALTER multi-tools perform many functions to help you finish your home and garden project in no time. Benefit from the ultimate convenience when working in hard-to-reach areas and carrying out precision work.

WALTER multi-tools not only feature a wide range of functions, but also offer incredible value for money!

Multi-tool uses

Practical multi-tools combine the functions of many different tools and, thanks to their attachments, can be used for a number of tasks. 
The most important functions:

  • Sawing materials such as wood, stone, plastic and metal
  • Sanding corners, edges and various surfaces
  • Cutting materials
  • Milling slots or grooves
  • Precision work: Give your renovation work its finishing touch with ease thanks to your multi-tool.

Whether you choose a battery-powered cordless multi-tool or traditional model with cord depends on where you will use the tool. If it is to be used in locations with no electricity, a battery-powered multi-tool is the best choice for you. This gives DIYers more flexibility as cordless tools offer plenty of power without a long cord!

What are the advantages of a multi-tool?

WALTER multi-tools can tackle many tasks: sanding, sawing, polishing, splitting, shaving and milling. 

  • These handy tools are great for working on hard-to-reach places.
  • Multi-tools are cheaper than purchasing many different types of tools that only offer one function.
  • The convenient quick-change system allows you to switch between the various attachments in no time at all.
  • WALTER multi-tools are small, easy-to-use, space-saving and handy.

Accessories for your WALTER multi-tool

WALTER multi-tools are delivered with a wide range of accessories. Replacement and wear parts, such as saw blades, diamond cutting discs, sandpaper and a spare battery, are easy to order from the WALTER online shop.

Simply add to your shopping cart and have your accessories delivered to your front door. Get the best results with your WALTER multi-tool!