Gas grills

The high-quality gas grills from ROTHENBERGER Industrial combine state-of-the-art technology with contemporary design and top functionality. From the ultimate gas grill, like the Roaster high temperature gas grill to a simple gas burner.
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With lots of power into the barbecue season

High temperature gas grills:

With ROTHENBERGER Industrial's top-quality high temperature gas grills, you can grill the perfect steak at home. They can reach temperatures up to 800 ° C and have an extremely consistent heat distribution. The big advantage of high temperature barbecues is that you get a very nice crust and the meat could still be raw inside so you get the perfect result, according to your own taste.

How to properly clean a gas grill?

Cleaning your grill is as much a part of cooking as grilling itself. The most important bit is the grill grate. The grill grate should be cleaned after each usage, so that it is nice and clean again the next time it will be operated, once fat and grime are burned in, they are very difficult to get rid of.
However, it is not enough to clean the grate alone! The housing should also be cleaned regularly. If the grill is used frequently, this should happen once a month if you do not use your grill as often it should be done at least every three months. 

How to proceed correctly learn now:
The best and easiest way to clean the grill is with heat. Close the lid of the grill and turn all burners to the maximum power level. Once a slight ash cover can be detected, the grill can be turned off and brushed with a sturdy stainless steel brush.
An alternative way to clean the grate is to use a soft grill cleaner or gentle soapy water and a suitable stainless steel brush. For this cleaning method, cleaners with citric acids are best suited. This acid helps in loosening fat, without beeing too aggressive. Especially strong cleaning agents are not recommended, as they can attack and damage the material.

With a very frequent use, the gas grill should be disassembled and the items and hard to reach areas be cleaned, monthly. The easiest way is to unscrew the gas cylinder and to remove all screws. Then simply put the screws and nuts in a soapy water. Also the bolt anchors should be cleaned diligently. Otherwise you could unscrew the screws after some time with difficulties only.

For persistent dirt steel wool is excellent and particularly consistent dirt can be cleared off with a small, but sharp knife.
Finally all parts have to be dried well and can be reassembled. Further it is very important that really clean and precice work is done, otherwise the fat can affect the different materials which can damage the grill sustainably.

What to watch out for when cleaning a gas grill?

First and foremost,the grill needs to be cooled down already, in order to avoid burns and blisters. We recommend to use odorless cleaning agents. Rinse all parts always very carefully and conscientiously from the cleaning agents. Another important point is the use of high-quality cleaning tools, so that no scratches occur the surfaces, in which fat and dirt or rust could settle.
Thorough cleaning and care will extend the life-time of the grill.