Angle Grinders

Metal, wood, concrete, stone or tiles – cut and process all types of materials in a flash with powerful WALTER angle grinders. These versatile tools are a must in any toolbox. Order your angle grinder from the WALTER online shop and get the best value for your money!

WALTER angle grinders: versatile, effective and affordable

A MUST for any toolbox

The angle grinder has some common names. It is called an angle grinder, roughing grinder or after the brand name of its inventor Flex. An angle grinder should not be missing in any equipment of a good DIY shop. With its fast rotating disc, you can cut a wide variety of sheet metal, pipes, profiles or screws as well as many other materials precisely.

However, it can not only be used for separating and cutting, but also for surface processing. When a scrubbing brush or wire disc is applied, surfaces can be polished, sanded or edges can be sharpened.

Compact WALTER angle grinders and cutters are electric tools that spin an attachment with up to 12,000 revolutions per minute – you couldn’t ask for more power!

When to use an angle grinder

WALTER angle grinders and cutters help you tackle a number of projects in your home and garden. DIYers love WALTER angle grinders primarily for cutting metal and wood, removing layers of paint and rust, or smoothing and polishing weld seams and surfaces.

A flexible WALTER angle grinder is simply a must in any automotive workshop, garden or construction site!

How does an angle grinder work?

The angle grinder is quite simple in its design. It consists of an engine which is integrated in the housing, a matching gearbox and the electronics for the control unit. The gear unit then transmits the power produced by the motor via a drivetrain at a right angle to the disc. This then starts to rotate - with WALTER angle grinders even at up to 12000 rpm. With such a speed, even very hard materials such as granite or stainless steel can be cut very effectively and quickly, depending on the disc used. The high speed is also particularly suitable for polishing metals such as aluminium or iron.

Now which size is the right one?

There are three common sizes for angle grinders 115, 125 and 230 mm. This specification refers to the diameter of the disc. So on a 125 mm machine, a disc with a maximum diameter of 125 mm can be mounted.

Different sizes have different advantages, but also disadvantages. An angle grinder 115 mm is usually very small and handy, which is often due to its low weight, but in most cases it lacks the power to keep up with the larger machines.

The angle grinder 125 mm is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, but also suitable for professionals. It combines the best of two worlds. On the one hand high speeds and a lot of power, but on the other hand the compact dimensions of a smaller tool. It is particularly versatile, whether it is used for cutting sheet metal, but also for precise cutting of rock mixtures.

The 230 mm angle grinder is particularly robust and powerful, but is considerably heavier and larger than the other two sizes, so it can quickly make the work more strenuous. Its field of application is really more on large construction sites with particularly thick and solid materials.

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What are the main features of an angle grinder?

The two most important criteria to consider when buying an angle grinder are the engine power and the maximum idle speed. They indicate how much power the angle grinder can actually convert. The higher the better applies here.

But you should also pay attention to some safety features. For example, an ergonomically shaped or rubberized handle is much more comfortable and safe to use. Not only does it prevent slipping, but it also allows the tool to be used for longer period of time, after which it is particularly comfortable in the hand. Overload protection is also very helpful, not only ensuring a longer service life, but also reducing the risk of accidents.

Another advantage is a wide range of cutting widths. The thickness of the disc is here most important. The wider the spectrum spreads apart, the more versatile the application. Thus, particularly thin, but also wider cuts can be made through solid materials. Note: Thick discs wear out less quickly than thinner ones.

Also make sure that there are various accessories available, such as a protective cover, cutting loop and one for scrubbing and polishing.

Cutting or roughing?

The biggest advantage of an angle grinder? Not only can you use it for cutting and slicing, but you can also easily convert it to a roughing grinder. Roughing discs are either made of braided wire for coarse grinding work or also of resin or corundum or precious corundum discs. They are also particularly thick compared to normal cut-off wheels.

Cut-off wheels are often made of particularly hardened metal and, depending on the application, are also mixed with diamond particles to give an even harder surface structure and reduce wear. Ceramic-coated discs are also commonly used, as they are particularly resistant to heat.

But please note: cut-off wheels are only designed for cutting in straight cuts. Side grinding can lead to accidents and injuries!

How do you find the right wheel for your project?

There are different discs for different materials, it depends on what exactly you want to cut.

The best thing is to choose from the various discs when you buy the machine, so that you always have the right one for the job. You should pay attention to the correct quantity and wear and tear, however, as the slices have an expiry date. During the production, different synthetic resins and other particles are processed in the disc, which unfortunately can age and thus the safety and the cutting accuracy of the disc cannot be guaranteed anymore.

Further, the maximum permissible speed of the disc must be observed. Most of the manufacturers have a sorting by colour, but this is also printed exactly on the disc. Just like the correct dimensions.

Learn which attachments to use for which jobs here:

  • Cutting metal, stone, concrete, ceramic or wood? A diamond cutting disc makes precise cuts!
  • Sand metal, stone, wood and more with a grinding disc and sandpaper. 
  • Remove dust and clean with a wire brush attachment.
  • Work with wood with a planer and slicing disc. 
  • Polish using a fleece disc and lower rotation speed – your surface will shine like new!

Using an angle grinder – safety first!

When working with an angle grinder, always wear work gloves, goggles and, ideally, flame retardant clothing! (Depending on the material, grinding may produce dust or even flying sparks.) Safety shoes are extremely useful, as parts may fall when cutting materials.

Accessories for WALTER angle grinders

You may need different attachments depending on the job for which you are using your WALTER angle grinder. The WALTER online shop offers a huge selection of cutting discs, roughing wheels, grinding discs, dusters and much more! Simply add to your cart and have them delivered right to your front door.

Accessories for WALTER angle grinders