Angle Grinders

Metal, wood, concrete, stone or tiles – cut and process all types of materials in a flash with powerful WALTER angle grinders. These versatile tools are a must in any toolbox. Order your angle grinder from the WALTER online shop and get the best value for your money!
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WALTER angle grinders: versatile, effective and affordable

A MUST for any toolbox

WALTER angle grinders are real all-rounders. Cut your new gutters, smooth out weld seams, take off old paint or remove rust – angle grinders take care of any home or garden project in no time at all.

Compact WALTER angle grinders and cutters are electric tools that spin an attachment with up to 12,000 revolutions per minute – you couldn’t ask for more power!

When to use an angle grinder

WALTER angle grinders and cutters help you tackle a number of projects in your home and garden. Learn which attachments to use for which jobs here:

  • Cutting metal, stone, concrete, ceramic or wood? A diamond cutting disc makes precise cuts!
  • Sand metal, stone, wood and more with a grinding disc and sandpaper. 
  • Remove dust and clean with a wire brush attachment.
  • Work with wood with a planer and slicing disc. 
  • Polish using a fleece disc and lower rotation speed – your surface will shine like new!

DIYers love WALTER angle grinders primarily for cutting metal and wood, removing layers of paint and rust, or smoothing and polishing weld seams and surfaces.

A flexible WALTER angle grinder is simply a must in any automotive workshop, garden or construction site!

Using an angle grinder – safety first!

When working with an angle grinder, always wear work gloves, goggles and, ideally, flame retardant clothing! (Depending on the material, grinding may produce dust or even flying sparks.) Safety shoes are extremely useful, as parts may fall when cutting materials.

Accessories for WALTER angle grinders

You may need different attachments depending on the job for which you are using your WALTER angle grinder. The WALTER online shop offers a huge selection of cutting discs, roughing wheels, grinding discs, dusters and much more! Simply add to your cart and have them delivered right to your front door.

Accessories for WALTER angle grinders