Demolition Drills and Breakers

Need to demolish concrete walls or foundations? The motorised demolition hammers and breakers are perfect for tough demolition jobs. From demolition drills and hammers to breakers and pile hammers – WALTER has high-quality power tools for every home and garden project.

Demolition made easy!

Loads of power for an excellent price

A powerful motor and heavy-duty impact mechanism help you demolish, impact drill, chisel and break. Whether you are working with concrete, stone or wood: the WALTER demolition drills break up all hard materials – even under the most difficult conditions. Not only that, but they also boast the best value for money! 

For what kind of work are breakers and demolition drills best suited?

When building a house or renovating, WALTER demolition drills and breakers are the first choice when working on walls, tiles or flooring. They conquer even the hardest materials quickly and easily.

  • A flat chisel attachment quickly strips large tiled walls. Chipping tiles or plaster with a hand chisel can be tedious, hard work; finish in a flash with a WALTER breaker.
  • Ducts and shafts must often be exposed for laying pipes and cables on construction sites – painless work thanks to easy-to-use WALTER breakers!
  • Demolition work such as breaking up concrete slabs is done in no time with the hard-hitting power of WALTER demolition drills and breakers.

WALTER tips: How to use breakers and demolition drills

DIYers – listen up! We have five tips to make your project a success:

  • Looking to remove floor tiles from your bathroom? Use your WALTER demolition drill at a 45° angle to the tiles.
  • Heavy demolition hammers are not intended for horizontal demolition jobs or work done over your head – in these cases, choose a hammer drill instead.
  • Demolition hammers are perfect for demolition work to floors. 
  • For holes, it is best to use a combi hammer drill. When choosing your tool, always pay attention to what material is to be drilled.
  • When working with hammer drills, drill with impact on hard concrete. Drill without impact if holes in metal or wood are to be drilled.

Safety first – take care when working with demolition drills and breakers

Powerful tools stir up not only dust, but also small particles that fly through the air when doing demolition work. WALTER therefore recommends that you always pay attention to good protective equipment when working with breakers and demolition tools:

  • Appropriate clothing (gloves, heavy-duty clothing, sturdy (possibly steel-toe) work boots)
  • Protective glasses
  • Breathing mask for work that creates dust 
  • Hearing protectors
  • Helmet for demolition of walls or ceilings 

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Already have your WALTER tool, but need the perfect accessories to go with it? In the WALTER online shop you will find a large selection of accessories for WALTER demolition drills, hammers and breakers. Order your flat chisel, pointed chisel and more easily online!