Whether for even mixing of coulors, for mixing mortar or mixing of liquid or powdery building materials - WALTER offers mixers for every application at the best price. For mixing or blending, the high-quality and powerful WALTER stirring devices are ideal for home improvement work around your home.

In your own four walls or on the construction site, the WALTER mixing devices offer top quality at a reasonable price. The robust devices are very reliable and convince not only by their inexhaustible performance, but also by their ease of use.

Mix compound properly

Firstly, you need the right ingredients. These are sand, water and a binder such as chalk or cement.

  1. Put the cement or chalk and the sand together in a suitable container and mix it - pay attention to the right mixing ratio at this point.
  2. Now you have to add gradually to the mixture of water. Be very careful at this stage. Tip: For medium to large quantities, it is best to use a shovel to make a hole in the mixture into which the water gets filled in. For very large quantities, however, a concrete mixer is very helpful.
  3. Finally, mix all ingredients well enough to produce the right consistency for your project. A slightly glossy and evenly moist mixture is perfect - here you will find the right WALTER stirring tool.

Basically, it is recommended in all mixing and stirring activities, whether this is fertilizer, paint, mortar or anything else that you can use a round vessel. Furthermore, one should always make sure that there are as little bubbles as possible.

Best quality at a top price

WALTER mixers offer the best quality at an affordable price. State-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials ensure a long service life, and the robust housing also protects your device.
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